Mythras Charts and Tables

Here are some charts that I made that have been useful for my Mythras (former editions known as RQ6) campaign. All the relevant ones have been updated for Mythras 3rd printing (2018 Nov). The screen shots are still of the old versions.

List of charts

Combat Flow

Added a small chart for combat flow and pointers to relevant rules sections based on great discussion in the design mechanism forums in here 


Combat Flow in RQ6

Special Effects


Offensive and Defensive Special Effects

The Combat Special Effects for Offensive  combines all the special effects for the offensive one quick reference to see what you can do when hitting something. Here is the latest one updated with Mythras in portrait mode

The Combat Special Effects for Defensive (this is the RQ6 version) does the same for defensive and Here is the latest one updated with Mythras in portrait mode

Spirit Combat

Spirit combat charts (Spirit damage, special effects and spirit combat results) have been gathered into a chart

Healing and Wounds


Healing and Wounds in RQ6

Healing and Wounds in Mythras covers what happens to you when you get a wound and how to recover.

Diminish Effect On Characteristics has the goods on what can that pesky diminish spell do to you or your opponent.



Gloranthan, Eastern Weapons and Shields in RQ6

Here is an update to Gloranthan and Eastern Weapons  for RQ6 that has current understanding how lunar, dwarves, elves, dragonewts and easterners weapons work in RQ6.

Brief chart for shields, passive blocking from RQ6, AiG, Mythic Britain and Monster Island

Here we have a quick reference chart for Criticals and Difficulty Grade effect on skill. If you like maths – you do not need the chart, the calculations are simple but I find doing them in the heat of the game distracting.

Example how to set these up for use is here

In Mythras the success of your attempt can be modified by the situation. This can be adjudicated by GM fiat but if you some guidance here are all of the recorded modifiers in tables both for close combat and ranged combat. Some people do not use fatigue or encumbrance rules or even the weapon differences – that is ok but in my view these provide additional flavor to the game. In my quest towards perfect GM Screen for Mythras I gathered all the close combat situational modifiers into one table. 


Close Combat Situational Modifiers

It now contains the usual ones (fighting in pitch black darkness, partial darkness, blinded, while prone and so on). In addition it has the shorter reach for those of you playing with Reach rules. I added also the fatigue effect on close combat skills and limitations brought by swimming, climbing or riding while fighting.  In case your players are doing a fighting retreat with the loot it contains the encumbrance modifiers as well. If for some reason the players (or even the NPC’s) need to grab a different, perhaps unfamiliar weapon to use – the table contains the modifier rules for those as well.

There is similar also for the Ranged Combat Situational Modifiers


and of course for Magic as well – Magic Situational Modifiers


For the future chase sequences in my campaign decided to combine all the movement effects into tables that fit into a single page. I find it easier to look info from table instead of calculating it with the rules.

It contains now a table for movement rates between 1 and 14, effect of athletics on the speed when walking, running or sprinting. It also has a table for the common modifiers for movement like encumbrance, armor and fatigue.  It has also the effects on ranged combat.


Movement Charts

Movement charts are here as PDF.

Gloranthan Ships are here as PDF

Encumbrance Calculator is here

Sorcery Tool is here

Horoscope Personality Traits for Gloranthan Cults


Rune List


Difficulty grade progression


Fatigue progression


Combat Style Cards are here

24 responses to “Mythras Charts and Tables

  1. Thanks for sharing your work~


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  23. Many thanks for sharing your work here. Can’t be grateful enough for the time you must have put in to design all of these resources!

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  24. Thank you for your work!

    Small side note: In the eastern weapons pdf, I think the narrow space modifier for the Yari managed to slip one row to the Wakizashi (spelled Wakazashi in the table) 🙂


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