RQ Encounter Generator – October news

RQ Encounter Generator (for RQ6) (the creation of skoll at thedesignmechanism forum) has grown lately to have quite a bit of new features and content. Content is crowd sourced.

Need new feature that does not exist – there is a discussion thread at the Design Mechanism forum to discuss new features.

RQ Encounters in a recent version

Main new features:

  • You can create and save a party of enemies encountered together. For example “Dragonewts on a Warpath: 2d3 dragonewt scouts, 4 dragonewt beaked warriors – skilled, 1 dragonewt beaked warrior elite, 5 demibirds”. Party can have notes as well.
  • PDF export of the generated results
  • Filter the enemies by “All/Glorantha/Monster Island/General fantasy”.
  • Generate button to all the template pages.
  • Improvements in printing
  • Able to generate spirits
  • Able to generate Shamans (Monster Island, Thed and Mallia)
  • Able to generate Thanatari with priest and acolyte templates
  • Able to generate Black Fang assassins
  •  broos – try the chaos feature early access with Broo – Raw Desert Raider or with any of the Broo shamans

Content has also grown quite a bit. Currently there are over 350 enemy templates including 60 group templates for available and you can easily create more from scratch or from existing ones. There are now parties and enemies both for Glorantha, Monster Island and Generic Fantasy. Most of them fit for Glorantha but can be used also outside.

Many parties can be generated

  • Quiet Night at Gimpy’s
  • Bar at a port city
  • Raiding parties for all major tribes in Prax
  • Lunar parties for cities and outside cities
  • Sartarite parties
  • Morokanth Slavers
  • ship crews
  • caravans
  •  broos, lots of broos and their Shamans (Thed, Mallia)
  • create your own

Many Monster Island parties and enemies added

  • Primitive islander hunting and war parties
  • Primitive islander village scenes day and night
  • Serpent People parties – in the jungle and in the air

The tool is under constant development – random encounters for a region is on the backlog – might come in later.