Return to Griffin Mountain and Balazar

We broke a milestone during the last few days. There are now more than 1600 templates to be generated in the RQ Encounter tool.

Here are a few enemies and encounters found in Griffin Mountain done via RQ Encounter tool. Quite a few of the Balazar encounters already existed but here are a few additions.

For Dorastor

For Uzlands (Dagori Inkarth, Halikiv etc)

For Prax

At the same time made an update to diseases table – all the diseases in Dorastor and in RQ6 and Monster Island can now be generated. Added also Jungle Diseases table for the Monster Island ones.
Updated all skeletons with skeletal suspectibility to damage.
RQ Encounter tool has a nifty new feature for selecting many of the professional skills. It also shows on the template page the number of times the template has been generated. The counting method has been changed so now all the different ways of generating the encounters count in the number of times starting today. Before today only the ones that were generated from the main search pages counted.

Obviously Unbalanced Chaos in Dorastor

Took a tour to Dorastor and created a few templates for missing creatures from the wonderfully unbalanced (in so many ways) from the original book on Dorastor. Some of the enemies can be used outside Dorastor as well though many are very specific to Dorastor. Some of these are quite deadly so take care.

Some other enemies as well are now described:

Day of the Undead in Delecti’s Upland Marsh and some additional enemies

Created a few Delecti related enemies for RQ Encounter Tool based on and inspired by the wonderful articles in an old Tales of the Reaching Moon. If you feel that your players have become upstarts – lead them to Upland Marsh.

Grimoires for sea and march sorcery have been created.

  • Sorcery Order Marsh and Mist
  • Sorcery Order of Waves and Depths

Few other enemies have been created as well.

Your True Friends – the Vadeli and other trustworthy news

Fonrit has long waited for the true saviours to come. Your true friends – the wise beyond ages, the beautiful, the charming, the compassionate, the witty conversationalists have arrived. The Vadeli are finally here – or at least their foreshadowing. Come trade, come dance, come talk with them, come to see and buy the loot from the far northern shores and beyond the seas, bring your gold with you – delivery will be cash only. You will not forget this occasion.

The word has come that there is a new kind of Undead around

From the jungles and savannah’s the hunters report that there have been sightings of Savanna Buffalo and Hippopotami

RQ Encounter has a tooling revamp and there now exists weapons categories for Monster Island and Mythic Britain with a full set of weapons installed as well as Mythic Britain names.

Most of the two legged denizens of Monster Island have now been retrofitted with the weapons from Monster Island weapon category and tuned a bit as well.

Bring Out Your Dead

In the honor of All Hallow’s Eve (long gone now) here are a few new and tuned Undead mostly for Glorantha.  Here are some new or more strongly tuned enemies.

The usual suspects are there – Skeletons, Mummies, Vampires, Zombies, Ghouls but there are also parties for Vivamort and Gark the Calm and a Hag or two but also some rare ones like the Skeleton of Than or even Firebrand the Flaming Skeleton. There are now Skeletons for Dream Dragons and Minotaurs but quite a few others. Careful with the Zombies as they mostly are of the variety that reproduces well.

On the party side there is also a Ghost ship, Ship of the Dead and Mummy and Zombie parties

All of the undead can now be found with the keyword Undead on the Enemies or Parties filter.

In addition to the Undead there is also a Lamia looking for more company.

Rq6 Encounter tuning

Several of the enemies have been tuned to follow RQ6 guidelines (not having more than 4d6 in a characteristic) – at the same time minor tuning to the abilities have been done.

Following have been tuned.

  • Gray giant
  • Crimson Bat
  • Greater Slarge Individos
  • Maslo Elephant
  • All vampires
  • Rascullu
  • Titanothere
  • Charnjibber
  • Tyrannosaurus Broo
  • Gargoyles
  • Ouori Mermen
  • Cliff Toad
  • Plesiosaur
  • Mother of Monster and her brood
  • Hag
  • Gnydron Wanderer
  • Sky Bull
  • Hoon
  • Satyr
  • Succubus
  • Possessed large tree
  • Fright
  • Dwerulan Mermen
  • Brontosaur
  • Roc
  • Catoblepas
  • Nightstalker
  • Jolanti
  • Gorps
  • Erenxi
  • Zabdamar Mermen