Encumbrance Calculator and Equipment List for Mythras

For the longest time I have wanted to make it easier to handle equipment and encumbrance in RQ6 and Mythras.

List of what the character carries can sometimes be longish but it usually contains standard items that exist in the rulebooks.

Encumbrance affects character’s movement speed – which will usually determine whether he can getaway once Sorceress and her minions find out that he has been looting the treasure chest. It also affects all STR and DEX related skills negatively.

Here is an Excel spreadsheet where character can easily mark all the equipment that they either wear or carry in their backpack. Spreadsheet calculates the effect on move and skills either with backpack on or not. Spreadsheet can be printed out and added to character sheet and it can be filed away to be added to later on. Excel has in it all the armor types derived from Mythras Full Edition and Monster Island.

One can easily filter with standard excel features to see only the items that character carries or is interested in. Example Encumbrance Calculator

Other useful charts are available here

Combat Special Effects updated for Mythras Full Edition


Mythras full edition has been launched a short while ago. It brings quite a few new special effects with it and also small changes from Mythras Imperative. These will be nice additions to already very smooth and tactical play of Runequest 6.

The game play will be even more interesting with the new Prepare Counter, Remise, Marksman, Pin Down, Drop Foe, Overpenetration and Scar Foe. There are others as well. The new combat cards look to be a cool way to handle the multitude of special effect.

Pay attention to Regain Footing action change as well. Spirit combat looks to be more interesting – have to dive down to that one.

Here are the Special Effect GM Screens updated for Mythras Full edition.  Only the portrait versions have been updated for now.

All the charts are available here. Old ones will remain available here



Serpent Folk Brotherhoods of Monster Island

Serpent folk of the Monster Island supplement are prone to forming brotherhoods around their profession. The brotherhoods have their headquarters in Brotherhood Guild Houses – buildings that can be targets for inquisitive players.

There are more than a  dozen brotherhoods mentioned  in the supplement.  Brotherhoods are strong even in thase days of waning serpent folk strength.

Here are some guild house denizens that can be generated with the Encounter Generator one could meet while venturing into or close to brotherhood strongholds.

More will come later….

There are also new parties created

..and corresponding individual enemies

Combat Special Effects – Mythras Update

The combat special effects for offensive and defensive have been updated to V1.3. This now contains all the effects from Mythras Imperative and the ones from RQ6 updated to Mythras Imperative way of working. Some tweaks to existing ones have been added. Added also house rule for Shift Location that seems to be popular. Mythras Imperative contains really neat Prepare Counter Special Effect that I cannot wait to start using.

Here is the portrait mode for Offensive Special Effects and here the same for Defensive Special Effects. 

This has also been updated to RQ6 Charts and Tables page