Small update to Fatigue and Encumbrance Calculator

Someone in the Discord wanted to have a stone articulated plate for a player in his campaign. Tried the Fatigue and Encumbrance Calculator on that and noticed a few flaws in the calculations that become evident at the outer edge of the world. Fixed those with 3.2 version of the calculator

Here is the character I tried this on:

And here is the result

Mythras Campaign Setup Tool Goes to Thennla and takes a Bird in the Hand

Mythras Campaign Rules Setup Tool helps GMs to select and communicate rules chosen from an array of Mythras supplements. NOMCORSS is now at version 1.2 and has the options found in Shores of Korantia,Bird in the Hand,Taskan Empire,Sorandib and some of the Assabian Rites in there. There are now 120+ selectable rules with a few having more than 2 options for each.

The display sheet shows now also “default” Mythras RAW options in gray, Not in use in red and the rest in green.

Tool can be found here

Few of the 120 or so options

Mythras Campaign Setup Tool Goes to Monster Island, Adventures in Glorantha and to M-Space Among other things

NOMCORSS V1.1 (NotesFromPavis Opinionated Mythras Campaign Optional Rule Setup Sheet) is expanded. It now contains more than 100 rules options scoured from Mythras RAW,Mythras Companion,Ships and Seawalls,Monster Island,Firearms,M-Space,Old Bones Setting Up Tasks,Adventures in Glorantha

It is an excel sheet which gives the GM a worksheet to select which optional rules are in effect in his/her particular campaign.

You need to have own the various supplements it refers to if you want to use the rules mentioned here (every rule option reference points to the supplement and page).

More than 100 options to choose

The tool is located here as an excel file. It will be updated later with more options and based on feedback.

Mythras Campaign Rule Setup Tool

Tool link should work now

Mythras can be considered as a very flexible toolkit for setting up your campaign. This gives enormous power to shape the campaign rules to fit the campaign content and mood. It also gives new GMs a question: Which options I need to setup and how do I communicate which rules are in effect. Mythras has a large array of settings and scenarios which bring in additional and optional rules and systems. YMMV – Your Mythras May Vary but what can I change and are there any consequences of the change.

To answer this question there is a new tool NOMCORSS (NotesFromPavis Opinionated Mythras Campaign Optional Rule Setup Sheet). It is an excel sheet which gives the GM a worksheet to select which optional rules are in effect in his/her particular campaign.

The first version is for before firepower age campaigns and should contain all RAW options and some popular Mythras house rules and setting rules that you can select for your campaign.

Here is an example of opinionated setup for campaign tools.

Display sheet top part

Display sheet the bottom part

If you are starting your first campaign with Mythras – you can accept the default rules or just tweak a couple. Tweaking increases color but may increase learning curve for new players. Take a look at judgmental prework effort for GM and learning effort for players columns. You can always add more options later. Mythras is fun with the opinionated defaults as with many of them differing from the defaults.

Due to obscure but documented Excel bug – please do not sort anything on the Main tab. Do all the sorting on the Display tab.

Just select for each of the rows in green column if you want to change the rule from the opinionated default. If there is nothing to select then write to the yellow column row. You can add your comments on the yellow row anyway.

You need to have own the various supplements it refers to if you want to use the rules mentioned here (every rule option reference points to the supplement and page).

Main page to edit the values top half

Print out the display sheet to your players if you want to.

The first version of the tool is here.

Here is an example of my campaign’s selections

My campaign edit screen top third

My campaign edit screen middle third

My campaign edit screen lower third

This tool will be updated later on…

Combat Style Encyclopedia Goes Mediterranean

Mediterranea Mitico is a Spanish language setting for Mythic Mediterranean. It contains cultures and settings for nations and tribes around Mediterranean in the ancient period.

I translated the combat styles from it for the Combat Style Encyclopaedia. Combat Style is a combination of weapons that a culture or organisation trains to be effectively used together. Combat Style usually include one or much more rarely more than one Combat Style Traits. Combat Style Cards are quick reference cards which show examples of such styles together with weapon statistics and how this combination of weapons interacts with Combat Special Effects. 

Here is the list of the Mediterranean Mitico styles

Carthaginian HopliteMediterranean – Carthage
Libyan HorsemanMediterranean – Carthage
Punic SorceressMediterranean – Carthage
Sidonian MarineMediterranean – Carthage
Celtic BerserkerMediterranean – Celtic
Clan WarriorMediterranean – Celtic
Highland HunterMediterranean – Celtic
AurigaMediterranean – Egyptian
Egyptian InfantrymanMediterranean – Egyptian
Sais ArcherMediterranean – Egyptian
Citizen HopliteMediterranean – Greece
Cretan ArcherMediterranean – Greece
Ionian PeltastaMediterranean – Greece
Macedonian HorsemanMediterranean – Greece
Protector of the HeliopolisMediterranean – Greece
Balearic SlingerMediterranean – Iberian
Bastetano WarriorMediterranean – Iberian
Turdetano ArcherMediterranean – Iberian
Desert HunterMediterranean – Nubian
Kushite ArcherMediterranean – Nubian
Napatian WarriorMediterranean – Nubian
Bully of the BunchMediterranean – Other
Ebon MercenaryMediterranean – Other
Holy ManMediterranean – Other
Mede HorsemanMediterranean – Persian
Persian Royal GuardMediterranean – Persian
Philistine RaiderMediterranean – Persian
SparabaraMediterranean – Persian
EquitesMediterranean – Roman
Roman LegionaryMediterranean – Roman
VelitesMediterranean – Roman
Nomad HeadhunterMediterranean – Scythian
Scythian RaiderMediterranean – Scythian
Scythian SpearmanMediterranean – Scythian

There are now 619 Combat Styles and 108 Combat Style Traits from the following sources.

Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass
Blood Rock – Scenario
Broch Goddarth – Scenario
Campaign – A Monster Island Campaign
Campaign – A Mythic Britain Campaign
Campaign – Fan material for Hyborean campaign from RangerDan
Campaign – Gramnaster’s Sengoku campaign
Campaign – Notesfrompavis Glorantha Campaign
Campaign – Sofia of the Ironlands’s Campaign
Design Mechanism: A Bird In the Hand
Design Mechanism: Adventures in Glorantha
Design Mechanism: Arakoline Tribute
Design Mechanism: Book of Quests
Design Mechanism: Fioracitta
Design Mechanism: Hessaret’s Treasure
Design Mechanism: Khakun Shrugs
Design Mechanism: Logres
Design Mechanism: Lyonesse
Design Mechanism: Meeros Doomed
Design Mechanism: Monster Island
Design Mechanism: Mythic Babylon
Design Mechanism: Mythic Britain
Design Mechanism: Mythic Constantinople
Design Mechanism: Mythic Rome
Design Mechanism: Mythras
Design Mechanism: Perceforest
Design Mechanism: Shores of Korantia
Diadochi Warlords
Fioracitta GenCon Scenario
From Mythras Reddit
Mediterranea Mitico
Mjollnir’s Medieval Renaissance
RQ Vikings
Savage Swords Against Necromancer – Scenario
Stupor Mundi – Alephtar Games
Unapproachable – Scenario
Weird of Hali

Here are the combat styles for Mediterranea Mimic:

Mediterranean – CarthageCarthaginian Hoplite
Mediterranean – CarthageLibyan Horseman
Mediterranean – CarthagePunic Sorceress
Mediterranean – CarthageSidonian Marine
Mediterranean – CelticCeltic Berserker
Mediterranean – CelticClan Warrior
Mediterranean – CelticHighland Hunter
Mediterranean – EgyptianAuriga
Mediterranean – EgyptianEgyptian Infantryman
Mediterranean – EgyptianSais Archer
Mediterranean – GreeceCitizen Hoplite
Mediterranean – GreeceCretan Archer
Mediterranean – GreeceIonian Peltasta
Mediterranean – GreeceMacedonian Horseman
Mediterranean – GreeceProtector of the Heliopolis
Mediterranean – IberianBalearic Slinger
Mediterranean – IberianBastetano Warrior
Mediterranean – IberianTurdetano Archer
Mediterranean – NubianDesert Hunter
Mediterranean – NubianKushite Archer
Mediterranean – NubianNapatian Warrior
Mediterranean – OtherBully of the Bunch
Mediterranean – OtherEbon Mercenary
Mediterranean – OtherHoly Man
Mediterranean – PersianMede Horseman
Mediterranean – PersianPersian Royal Guard
Mediterranean – PersianPhilistine Raider
Mediterranean – PersianSparabara
Mediterranean – RomanEquites
Mediterranean – RomanRoman Legionary
Mediterranean – RomanVelites
Mediterranean – ScythianNomad Headhunter
Mediterranean – ScythianScythian Raider
Mediterranean – ScythianScythian Spearman

I would like to reach the authors of Mediterranean Mitico but have not found a route for that. If somebody knows how to reach them – please let them know I am trying to reach them.

Combat Styles Combine And Go Encyclopaedic

Combat Style Cards have been gathered into a single Encyclopaedia that is now 830 pages long. The Encyclopaedia contains Combat Style Traits and all the new indices in a single volume.

Combat Style is a combination of weapons that a culture or organisation trains to be effectively used together. Combat Style usually include one or much more rarely more than one Combat Style Traits. Combat Style Cards are quick reference cards which show examples of such styles together with weapon statistics and how this combination of weapons interacts with Combat Special Effects. At the start of this document there are indices showing what styles are used in what areas and what organisations etc. Pick a combat style from these for your character or NPC and use this as a quick reference during the game.

There is a table of content by area and table of contents is clickable so one can easily reach the combat style wanted.

This encyclopaedia contains following parts

  • table of contents for encyclopedia
  • combat style traits list
  • Combat style indices to browse by different ways for inspiration
    • Styles by kind
    • Combat Style Traits by kind and combat styles used
    • Combat Style Traits by area and combat styles used
    • Weapons and Areas and Combat Styles where they are used
    • Combat style traits and combat styles which use them
    • Combat styles by kind and area
  • Areas and their combat style cards

These will now update always together and you will know the latest version by the date in the cover.

Separate combat style card files in the folders will be phased out.

30 Combat Style Cards added for Tozer – Old Bones Stomping Grounds

The directory based combat style cards have been replaced by Combat Style Card Encyclopaedia

Combat Style Cards aim to give players (and GMs) an easy way to access all the special effects and other info associated with their weapons and combat style at a glance.

There are some very nice sword and sorcery scenarios and additional tools material available from the stalwart Old Bones. Many of them are placed in Tozer, an area that can be readily transplanted to most any Sword and Sorcery campaign.

I created combat style cards for the 30 currently existing combat styles in those publications.They are of course indexed as the already existing styles. They include also couple of nifty Combat Style Traits that I will add to the encyclopedia of Combat Style Traits soon.

Here are the styles and they can be found in the Combat Style cards directory

Briarwood Thief
Claurin Knife-Thrower
Claurin Mercenary
Crafton Commoner
Dureshi Commoner
Dureshi Herder
Dureshi Mercenary
Grath Herder
Heavy Pit Fighter
Hilimyan Householder
Light Pit Fighter
Mountain Forester
Mountain Guard
Mountain Herder
Mountain Miner
Mountain Smith
Mountain Villager
Pit Keeper
Street Rat
Tinisford Villager
Tough Temptress
Tozerian Charioteer
Tozerian Commoner
Tozerian Farmer
Tozerian Infantry
Tozerian Socialite
Traveling Ground Fighter
Traveling Herder
Traveling Horse Warrior
Wealthy Fop

Combat Style Cards Goes Beyond 550 Combat Styles and Gets Indexed

The directory based combat style cards have been replaced by Combat Style Card Encyclopaedia

Combat Style cards, a player (or GM) aid for Mythras has been updated.

There are now 551 Combat Styles and 107 Combat Style Traits. The output has been tweaked with additional comments and weapons and the new Distract special effect (from Destined) has been added.

There is now a few indexes to find a style suited for you stored in the _Common Lists and Summaries folder

You can find the combat style cards here

Areas And Combat Styles Practiced There
Combat Style Traits And Combat Styles Which Use Them
Combat Style Traits By Area And Combat Styles Which Use Them
Combat Style Traits By Kind And Combat Styles Which Use Them
Weapons And Areas And Combat Styles Where They Are Used

New Combat Style Cards include

Eastern (Japanese) Combat Styles from Gramnaster’s Sengoku Mythras campaign

Yari Ashigaru
Yari Samurai
Nodachi Samurai
Eastern Bandit
Mounted Samurai
Travelling Monk

Renaissance styles from Mjollnir’s Medieval Renaissance campaign

Arte del combattimento del Maestro Fiore de Liberi 
Arte dell’Abbraccio 
Common Defense 
Dagger Fighting,Italian (Arte della Daga) or German (Dolchfechten)
Fechten und Ringen von Meister Liechtenaur 
Knife Fighting, Spanish (Lucha con Cuchillo) 
Knife Fighting,Italian (Arte del Coltello)
Knightly Art of Combat 
Manus Nigrum
Peasant Levy 
Renaissance Pugilism
Stick Fighting,Quarterstaffing 
Swordsmanship, Hungarian 
Swordsmanship, Spanish (La Verdadera Destreza) 
Swordsmanship,French (Lutte des Épée) 
Swordsmanship,German (Fechten) 
Swordsmanship,Italian (Arte della Spada) 
Trained Guard
Trained Mercenary, Balkan (Stratioti) 
Trained Mercenary, German (Landsknecht – Doppelsöldner) 
Trained Mercenary, German (Landsknecht) 
Trained Mercenary, Scottish (Gallóglaigh) 
Trained Mercenary, Swiss 
Trained Militia, Archer 
Trained Militia, Infantry 
Trained Militia, Turkish (Akinci) 
Trained Militia, Turkish (Sipahi)
Trained Soldier, Turkish (Janissary) 
Woodland Hunter 

Styles from John Holmes’s Bird in the Hand scenario for Monster Island

Jungle Explorer
Grimsand Mercenary
Hired Thug
Grimsand Street-Tough
Long Arm of the Law

The styles from Book of Quests

Beast Handler
City Guard
Dirty Rotten Scoundrel
Gartharis Assassin
Gartharis Hunter
Gartharis Scout
Gartharis Sworn Warrior
Gartharis Warrior
Glorified Soldier
Imperial Knight
Moor’s Warrior
Never Fight Fairly
Noble Layabout
North Vale Warrior
Realm Thug
Street Fighter (Daggers)
Street Scum
Streetwise Bruiser
Vale Crossbow Skirmisher
Vale Light Infantry
Vale Longbow Skirmisher
Vale Men-At-Arms infantry
Vale Mounted Knights
Vale Warrior

Styles from scenarios Arakoline Tribute and Khaki Shrugs – Thennla

Beastman Warrior
Kismek Archer
Kismek Lancer
Taskan Citizen Infantry
Taskan Swordsman
Thennalt Hunter
Thennalt Skirmisher
Thennalt Thane

Some missing ones from Perceforest

Perceforest Huntsman
Perceforest Tilting
Yeoman Militia

Some from my own campaign

Way of the Iron Fist
Beaked Dragonewt Bodyguard
Beaked Dragonewt Spirit Warrior

And a few built for Vikings from RQ Vikings

Viking Berserker
Viking Raider
Dane Raider

What is the running speed of unladen swallow people warrior in chitin hoplite armour with backpack full of loot and rations

Well – obviously he/she is not unladen if she/he has a backpack full of loot and rations unless he/she/it is very strong.

Few player characters always want to use the toughest armor they can find and it can be tough to figure out how that affects the speed that they can walk, can they even run, how about jumping over that ravine. Can they even move at all. How much do their skills suffer. What if they are wearied from Fatigue. What if they drop the leg braces and the backpack. What if they enter jungles of Monster Island. How about if they drop the armor altogether and keep just the weapons or some of them. What if they roll a critical on their athletics while doing the move.

Now there is a version of FES calculator that combines the RAW rules, Monster island jungle rules and all the movement related rules from the RAW to calculate all of this.

It makes it much easier to see all the effects that encumbrance, terrain and fatigue make. The aim here is to make movement speed also count – when escaping One-Eye the Carnosaur you do not have to be the fastest but faster than 2-4 of the slowest ones. You should also be make the hard decisions what to drop to escape easily from game mechanics point of view.

The encumbrance and fatigue can make drastic changes to the speed and skills. This tool aims to help the use of them to support the game session.

The calculator handles the movement rates from 3-8, armo penalties from 0-29, athletics skills from 0-120 and swimming skills from 0-80. Why these limits – well it turned out to be way more convenient to calculate and test the movement rates outside Excel in Python and these are the limits I chose for a starter. So there is a data sheet of 250.000+ lines generated with excel and this makes the Excel a medium sized beast for the computer. Might work on that later… The version probably requires a recent version of Excel as it uses some formulas that might only exist in Excel.

There are few things one needs to input

  • Strength
  • Constitution
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence
  • Select current fatigue level from a list
  • Athletics skill
  • Swimming sill
  • Select whether armor is worn or not
  • Select all the equipment one wants to either wear or carry from the list

After these FES carries out the calculations and creates a table for results

The colors yellow and various shades of red indicate something to note about the effects.

There are four columns for different scenarios: Fully loaded, Without Backpack and the similar ones for Fully loaded in jungle and without backpack in jungle.

After filling out the FES – you can save a copy for each player character and start using it. During the scenario – when fatigue, speed or encumbrance matter – change the fatigue level and select whether you wear armor or not. If you are not satisfied with the numbers – drop or add equipment by adding or changing the item count number of each individual line you want or need to change in the equipment list. Only the orange fields are meant to be changed.

This will evolve with feedback plus there are already things in the roadmap for supporting combat styles etc on this one.

If you find mistakes or improvement needs please do not hesitate to contact.

Here is another example:

The Fatigue, Encumbrance and Speed calculator exists here. It replaces the old Encumbrance Calculator and Monster Island Fatigue Calculator. Many other charts for Mythras exist here.

Numbers Post: 4000th Encounter at MeG – Mythras Encounter Generator

Mythras Encounter Generator (and its previous branding) has been in existence now for about 9 years – since 2013. I wrote my first post about it in September 9, 2013 and it had been in existence a few months before.

MeG has generated 649 256 NPCs since the early days.

Today there were four new encounters created

The 4000th public encounter was the Astorwal Courser. Altogether there are over 8300 templates in MeG – a little bit over half are private templates.

There are 59272 additional feature items in 408 categories (like Abilities, Curse Spirit Abilities, Basic Poisons, Exotic Poisons, Saxon names, Avenue of Delights Effects and so on).

Some of these NPCs belong to one of the more than 180 cults or sorcery orders of which there are more than 620 different ranks detailed.

The main link to Mythras Encounter Generator remains