Tactics of selecting combat special effects in Mythras – a result based visualisation

Special effects are one of the best features in Mythras. They can make the fights cinematic and their right use tactically can make you win.

Ulgar the Quick (PC character): I hit the thug and he did not parry – I want to get rid of the opponent’s weapon – what options do I have.

GM: Ushgar the Rabid (PC character) failed to hit and the Ilyan the Constable parried. I want to force Ushgar to do something – what options do I have.

Mongo the Mighty (PC character) : Mongo smashed and the puny opponent failed to parry. I want to hurt the opponent – what options do I have.

Here is a result based approach in mind map form for both defensive and offensive special effects. This should help in getting players (and the GM) to find quickly what special effects to use based on what the winner wants to achieve on his special effect.

You can find pdf of the offensive special effects here and defensive ones here

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Combat Flow Chart and Quick Reference for Mythras

I made a small interactive quick reference for combat flow in Mythras.  It contains brief descriptions of actions in combat and points to more detailed description page in the rules.  Not all the document links (that refer to the charts in the Mythras Charts page are working yet but they will eventually. It could be useful already. How I use it myself: mark the page as a favourite in iPad browser and during combat if I do not recall the rule option, click the link.

Below is an example from mid page – what attacker can do.

..and here is the content of the Falling link

You can find Mythras combat flow page here

Combat Style Cards for Mythras

Combat styles, combat style traits, weapon traits and special effects are key parts of what makes Mythras so interesting in combat. I decided to make a player aid for my campaign that contains the key information for players about combat style they have chosen.

Combat style card contains the name and combat style traits of the style with an explanation what the trait provides.

Each of the combat styles contains usually several weapons. Most of the special effects that player can choose are the same for each of the weapons. So I gathered the common special effects within the combat style’s weapons to the top of the page.

For each of the weapons the key details of the weapon are shown plus the possible weapon traits.

Underneath the basic information there are only those special effects specific to that weapon.

So how would player use this:

Let’s say she knows the combat style Gladiator.

She has succeeded in the attack so she now has options

  • choose any of the items in the common block underneath the combat style – any from Close Range to Trip Opponent.
  • decide to use her Shortsword’s Impale or
  • use her Buckler’s Bash special effect.

When it is her turn to defend she can

  • use her Daredevil trait to evade blows without ending up prone or
  • she can passively block with her Buckler 2 locations or
  • she could actively parry with either her buckler or
  • she could actively parry with her shortsword.

Here is a bigger combat style example

The files here contain close to 100 combat styles described as above. The material is scourged from AIG, Monster Island, Mythras, Monster Island and my own campaign.

  • Balazar
    Balazaring Hawk Slayer.pdf
    Balazaring Hunter Raider.pdf
    Balazaring Pony Cavalry.pdf
  • Dragon Pass
    Lunar Colonial Noble.pdf
    Lunar Colonial Survivalist.pdf
    Lunar Corps Hoplite.pdf
    Lunar Dara Happan Heavy Infantry.pdf
    Lunar Dara Happan Urbanite.pdf
    Lunar Dart Contestant.pdf
    Lunar Pelorian Cavalry.pdf
    Lunar Pelorian Noble.pdf
    Lunar Sagittan Peltast.pdf
    Sartarite Alynx Brother.pdf
    Sartarite Hill Clan Levy.pdf
    Sartarite Loyal Housecarl.pdf
    Sartarite Noble.pdf
    Sartarite Upland Crofter.pdf
    Tarshite Militia.pdf
    Telmori Hunter.pdf
    Telmori Wolf Hunter.pdf
  • East
    Samurai Warrior.pdf
  • Enemies
    Hammer of the Beast.pdf
  • Esrolia
    Esrolian Citizen Legionary.pdf
    Esrolian City-State Phalangite.pdf
    Esrolian Clan Protector.pdf
    Esrolian Cohort.pdf
    God Forgot Holar Militia.pdf
    God Forgot Talar Defensive School.pdf
    God Forgotten Holari.pdf
  • Fonrit
    Afadjanni Bladedance,Coastal.pdf
    Afadjanni Bladedance.pdf
    Afadjanni Wrestling.pdf
    Calari Grip.pdf
    Harem Protector.pdf
    Kadam Slave Scuffle.pdf
    Kareeshtu Doublecross.pdf
    Ompalam Overseer.pdf
    Shovel Tusker Cavalry.pdf
    Slave Soldier.pdf
    Umathelan Noble.pdf
    Yad Strife.pdf
  • Lyonesse
  • Monster Island
    Brotherhood of the Carrion Scavenger.pdf
    Brotherhood of the Fang.pdf
    Brotherhood of the Noiseless Whisper.pdf
    Brotherhood of the Obsidian Claw.pdf
    Brotherhood of the Relentless Pursuit.pdf
    Brotherhood of the Serpentine Grace.pdf
    Brotherhood of the Silken Death.pdf
    Brotherhood of the Unsleeping Eye.pdf
    Civilian Cohort.pdf
    Eight Jab Doom.pdf
    Eiki Elite.pdf
    Mua Infantry.pdf
    Tua Skirmisher.pdf
    White Death.pdf
  • Mythic Constantinople
    Azap Conscript.pdf
    Bedouin Warrior.pdf
    Ghazi Tribesman.pdf
  • Prax
    Bison Berserker Bodyguard.pdf
    Bison Berserker.pdf
    Bolo Lizard.pdf
    Cannibal Cult.pdf
    Desert Archer.pdf
    High Llama.pdf
  • Standard
    Barbarian Warrior.pdf
    City Watch.pdf
    Gladiator Net.pdf
    Master Archer.pdf
    Noble Warrior.pdf
    Outback Slinger.pdf
    Street Brawler.pdf

Feedback welcome.



Sorcery Grimoire for a Traditional Sorcery School in Mythras

Here is a traditional sorcery grimoire template for Mythras – this is a first tryout for my campaign’s first sorcerer. This is traditional in a sense that the only options it uses is the duration length option. I will be making similar ones for various sorcery schools which have different components.

How one could use it. Player should fill it with the sorcery information relevant to your players’ sorcery grimoire. During game it should help how the various shapings the player wants to use affect the spell.

Here is Grimoire of Ravenous Shark as an example:

When he selects as a spell Shapechange to Shark with his 4 shaping points he could put 2 points into duration getting 15 minutes of shape change. After this he could put one point into targets getting 2 targets (perhaps himself and a companion). After this he could put remaining 1 point he can put 1 point into magnitude getting a magnitude of 2 and have some protection for resisting dispelling the shapechange.

This would take 1 MP for the spell itself and 1 for each shaping (Duration, Targets and Magnitude) = 4 Magic Points for the overall spell cost. It would take 4 turns to cast the spell (1 for the spell itself and 1 for each shaping).



Encyclopedia of Mythras Combat Style Traits updated

I updated the Encyclopedia of Mythras Combat Style Traits to include the styles from Sorandib City and Book of Quests.  Now it contains altogether 72 Combat Style Traits for fantasy campaigns


Spirits in a Material World (Djinn special)

Was reading the Other Sinbad and Dead Djinn in Cairo for inspiration to a sea voyage that my players might be undertaking in the seas surrounding Fonrit . This reminded me that I had not yet created the mighty (and not so mighty) Djinn in the Mythras Encounter Generator.

Pete Nash did a wonderful article on Fenix papers to bring the Djinn to life in Bartimaeus style and that gave me the stats.

The Djinns use a new sorcery order “Smokeless, Scorching Fire” for example “Adept of Smokeless, Scorching Fire”.  I made three levels (Apprentice, Adept and Mage). Djinns also needed new abilities in the Enemy Ability Feature set.

Here they are approximated in Mythras Encounter Generator.


So What Did Your Family Really Do in the History of Dragon Pass – Additional Glorantha Background Creation

I created a generator for creating additional Dragon Pass backgrounds for your family, father, grandfather and great grandfather. This uses the Gloranthan Timelines information and information from The Guide to Gloranthan Regional Events and some ad lib flavour for the personal actions. The areas included currently are Holy Country, Wastelands, Dragon Pass (Tarsh, Sartar, Grazelands), Elder Wilds and occasional peeks elsewhere. Some other areas will follow. It is pretty much the same than Fonrit generator except for the areas and some new personal actions.

This can be used with any Gloranthan games.

Example 1:

In the year of 1622 at Tarsh member of my family (me or my sibling or my cousin) became a notorious outlaw when Tusk Riders raiding in area in the city of Tarshford

In the year of 1616 at Holy Country father was lost at sea when A large army from the Holy Country was ambushed and slaughtered by the Ditali barbarians

In the year of 1570 at Sartar grandaunt came back changed when Giant reported to be attacking nearby settlements in the city of Herongreen

In the year of 1550 at Dragon Pass greatgrandmother attacked enemy encampment when Jarolar becomes Prince of Sartar

Example 2:

In the year of 1622 at Dragon Pass member of my family (me or my sibling or my cousin) had dealings with dwarves when The Great Winter

In the year of 1606 at Dragon Pass aunt betrayed his/her master when Esrolia raids Grazelands

In the year of 1570 at Sartar grandaunt was famed thruout the region as the master of his/her skill when Slimy Chaos invasion vomited from Snakepipe Hollow in the city of Muse Roost

great-grandaunt his/her name causes still a silence when it is mentioned

Example 3:

In the year of 1618 at Tarsh member of my family (me or my sibling or my cousin) rose high in the cult when Well-substantiated rumors of nearby foul Chaos outrage: guards doubled as ugly crowds gather. in the city of Ever-New Glory

In the year of 1606 at Dragon Pass mother was branded as a traitor when Esrolia raids Grazelands

In the year of 1572 at Sartar grandfather was banished from the cult when Small group of Lunar missionaries preaching in the city of Falling Ruins

In the year of 1556 at Sartar great-granduncle fought hard when Troll insect convoy passes through: trollkin raiding,unusual trade opportunities possible in the city of Goldedge

Example 4:

In the year of 1621 at Grazelands member of my family (me or my sibling or my cousin) participated at the heist of the decade when Visit by Beast Men from nearby with unusual herbs to sell in the city of Rich Post

In the year of 1614 at Dragon Pass mother seeked forgetfulness from alcohol/narcotic substances the rest of his/her days when Lunars raid Grazelands

In the year of 1586 at Tarsh grandfather was claimed to have multitude of children outside the clan when Actual Chaotic event occurs nearby: rioting by conservative tribesmen brutally crushed by Lunar soldiers in the city of Ever-New Glory

In the year of 1558 at Sartar great-granduncle fought for freedom when Small group of Lunar missionaries preaching in the city of Dangerford

You will find the generator here  Search from the menu selector: “Sartar Background”. Some of the wordings will still need to be tuned for it to be relatively proper English..



Gloranthan Timelines – Generational update

It has been some time since I updated the Gloranthan Timelines. There has been several publications since that provided additional history events for Glorantha. Timelines have now been updates with HQ Glorantha, Gloranthan Sourcebook, Sartar Companion, Coming Storm and others that I have found.

The file is here

Comments welcome

Format edited 29 September to get all the text visible

Meaning of Runes, Rune Associations in Gloranthan Cult One Pagers

It has been now a bit over five years that I have published Gloranthan Cult One Pagers.

The latest installment brings a tiny improvement – version number that is automatically updated with each release of One Pagers. This starts at 5.2 (five years, second release in the fifth year).

The meaning of Runes associated with cults is also now visible as well as rune associations with weapons, metals, colors and so on – if known.

There is also slight tune up for compatibility with other cults mostly for Fonrit area cults.

There is also tune up on the presentation – still slightly tighter on the white space on the print.

This new version of Gloranthan Cults One-pagers adds several items.  This still tries to keep the known cult information from multitude of sources up to date in a single page format – for example RQ, Cults of Prax, Gods of Glorantha, Heroquest Glorantha, Adventures in Glorantha, RQ Glorantha etc. It is a compromise as many of these are a slice of information and from various places in Gloranthan publishing history. It has been done mainly for my Mythras/Adventures in Glorantha campaign but there should be useful bits for any d100 or even non d100 Gloranthan games.

The one pagers can be found in the pantheon specific folders in the main folder.

There is additional information on the one pagers here and  here.

Here is an updated zip file of all the cult one pagers and pantheon sheets. It is uptodate as of today and is occasionally updated when I update individual cults and sheets (this is not currently fully automatic process…)