Numbers Post: 4000th Encounter at MeG – Mythras Encounter Generator

Mythras Encounter Generator (and its previous branding) has been in existence now for about 9 years – since 2013. I wrote my first post about it in September 9, 2013 and it had been in existence a few months before.

MeG has generated 649 256 NPCs since the early days.

Today there were four new encounters created

The 4000th public encounter was the Astorwal Courser. Altogether there are over 8300 templates in MeG – a little bit over half are private templates.

There are 59272 additional feature items in 408 categories (like Abilities, Curse Spirit Abilities, Basic Poisons, Exotic Poisons, Saxon names, Avenue of Delights Effects and so on).

Some of these NPCs belong to one of the more than 180 cults or sorcery orders of which there are more than 620 different ranks detailed.

The main link to Mythras Encounter Generator remains

Lake Monsters, Shambler from Stars, Xin and other Cthulhu Creatures from Weird of Hali come to MeG

Most if not all Cthulhoid creatures from Weird of Hali are now in the MeG.

To ease the work of hard working (and lazy GMs) in Mythras Mythras Encounter Generator can now generate most if not all Cthulhoid creatures from Weird of Hali…

Here is the last installment of MeG updates for Weird of Hali Cthulhu creatures.

  • Kyrrmi – the sorcerers familiar
  • Xin, Swarm of Sorcerous Crabs

You will find these with the direct links above and also with keyword “Weird of Hali”. Many of these encounters would also work with fantasy campaigns for example Monster Island. 

You will find more Weird of Hali goodness and here and of course the rest of the Mythras Encounter Generator is explained here

Nine Cthulhoid Monsters from Weird of Hali for Mythras Encounter Generator

Ia Ia Ia.

To ease the work of hard working (and lazy GMs) in Mythras Mythras Encounter Generator can now generate more Cthulhoid creatures… Here are the next part of MeG updates for Weird of Hali. Just ten more of the Weird of Hali creatures remain without statistics in MeG – will be rectified in near future.

This update contains nine cthulhoid beings to generate

and because everything is better with tentacles, here’s plenty:

You will find these with the direct links above and also with keyword “Weird of Hali”. Many of these encounters would also work with fantasy campaigns for example Monster Island.

You will find more Weird of Hali goodness here and of course the rest of the Mythras Encounter Generator is explained here

Updated version of Mythras Charts and Tables

The venerable Mythras Charts and Tables page has been revamped to make it easier to find the proper chart.

Now it is in table format and structured by different areas. Currently there are 60 rows in the table pointing to 1 or more resources. It also contains a link to more info if available

The areas are

  • Combat – Flow
  • Combat – Healing
  • Combat – Parrying
  • Combat – Reach (Optional)
  • Combat – Situational Effects
  • Combat – Skills, Movement
  • Combat – Special Effects
  • Combat – Weapons
  • Combat Styles – Examples
  • Combat Styles – Traits
  • Encounters
  • Magic
  • Magic – Folk Magic Optional
  • Magic – Setting – Glorantha
  • Magic – Theist, Folk Magic, Animist – Setting – Glorantha
  • Magic – Sorcery
  • Magic – Spirits
  • Movement
  • Skills
  • Skills, Movement, Combat
  • Skills, Combat
  • Travel
  • Travel (Setting – Monster Island)
  • Commerce (Setting – Monster Island)
  • Setting – Monster Island

You can find the Charts and Tables page here as always.

Distracting Special Effects and Constraining Progressive Folk Magic, Healing Wounds Progressively

The new Destined supplement for Mythras is full of interesting material. There is one new special effect there that could be added optionally to your normal special effects. That effect is Distract and it has been added to the normal special effects charts. It is similar in tone to Press Advantage but it is different in tone and has a different tactical effect when Press Advantage is not useful.

Its selection is now in both of the visual (mind map) style sheets and also to the normal Offensive/Defensive Special Effect quick reference sheets.

Visual Defensive Special Effects

Visual Offensive Special Effects

Offensive Special Effects

Defensive Special Effects

Progressive Folk Magic provoked a few questions both in live play and in reddit and I added clarifications based on some of those in the new version of the Progressive Folk Magic V1.1. The mechanics themselves are not changed.

You could constrain Progressive Folk Magic so that one can only buy a spell if one has the right level of folk magic skill already. Each level of the spell after initial purchase should also be considered a new deeper level spell for buying or accessibility purposes (who teaches it). You may need to buy them in order.

Healing Wounds chart is updated with the progressive Folk Magic rules

All the old versions of charts have been marked with a yellow sticker that there is a new one available. Charts and Tables post should now be linked to newest ones

Progressive Folk Magic for Mythras

Folk magic is described as petty magic available usually to most folk. This has led to design decisions that folk magic spells in RAW are ‘fixed’ in strength and placed low in the ladder of magical strength. It can also be stronger like it was in history of the game. If you want variable folk magic spells from AiG you could use these  rules.  To keep the relative strength of the magic systems aligned the spells variability is controlled by the Folk Magic skill level required and INT required.

Bear in mind that this makes the folk magic spells significantly more powerful (and also weaker in the lower end of intensity) and take this into account on your campaign’s magic levels. 

You might also want to constrain the intensity attainable per spell to certain cults and/or cult levels. So for example Healing intensity 1-3 are available to everybody and Healing 4 to shamans of any cult.  Healing intensity 5 or higher is only available to Healing cult or Healing Cult’s Priest level. If you use progressive version of the spell it replaces in its technical effect the RAW version.

Caster does not have to use full intensity available.

The spell table shows how each of the spells are modified by intensity. Those spells not on the list stay fixed as they are.

With this system for example:

Bladesharp adds dice bonus to blade weapon damage. Only dice bonus is magical. For example intensity 4 would give +1d4 added damage and cost 4 MP. It would require 61% in Folk Magic skill and at least 10 INT

These rules distilled from AiG are used with permission and are slight modification in presentation from the original.

The spell table and skill/int table is in here

Other useful charts would be in here

Cthulhu creatures slither into MeG from Weird of Hali

Mythras Encounter Generator strives to help the busy GM in creating creatures for Mythras campaigns easily.

Weird of Hali – a gateway supplement to Mythras is full of Cthulhu creatures and other goodness (mad scientists, cultists, poisons etc). Here is a first set of Cthulhoid creatures in MeG format.

What if your PC’s benefactor turned out to be Valusian Serpent People Infiltrator whose carpet turned out to be Shoggoth,Household and whose trusted servants were actually a tribe of blood thirsty Voormis Warriors. If you wait too long to escape the Flying Polyp could find its way in. In the outskirts of the mountains the mining operation was actually a Mi-Go enterprise – protected by Mi-Go Warrior and the reason for the odd dwindling of the fisheries is that a colony of Deep Ones has appeared.

There are other shoggoths as well – the normal Shoggoth,Adult and the mighty Shoggoth,Antarctic. There is also a Cthulhoid Ghoul. Other Cthulhu creatures in the MeG (with stats from other sources) _ Nightgaunt and Shoggoth

The MeG contains currently 3966 published templates for NPCs and monsters for various campaigns – the content is crowdsourced and it is easy to find creatures or add new ones. There exists also tools to get the info in json format and insert that into roll20 or Foundry

Encumbrance Calculator V2.1 is out for Mythras

The encumbrance calculator makes it easy to calculate the effect of encumbrance. This can be especially important when the players want to use heavy armor but their character or drag along multitude of equipment.

The following changes are in the new version:

Sheet has new look and feel.

  • it shows the selected worn armor, its ENC and APs
  • it shows the selected carried armor
  • it shows the selected weapons
  • it shows the selected equipment
  • and finally it shows the amount of loot ENC carried

The ENC limits are shown in a different way.

The effect on skills is shown and highlighted in more compact way.

With the CON added it shows how often to roll for endurance outside the fights.

Same, more importantly, shows how often you need to roll for endurance within the fight.

All the armor / material combinations from the standard book are included. The name informs the material.

If you select more from the worn armor than human has locations – it will give a warning message at the top. Same goes if you forgot to select all.

The armor rows show selectors for Milieu eras (prehistoric, ancient and so on) – so you can select the appropriate armor.

Material examples for each armor piece show various materials and there is a link or explanation for armor kind.

It should be now quite effortless to calculate the encumbrance.

The link is here Unfortunately it requires now Excel 2019…

Mythras Combat Style Traits Encyclopaedia 2022 Weird of Hali and Stupor Mundi Release

I updated the Encyclopedia of Mythras Combat Style Traits to include the styles from Weird of Hali (from Aeon Games), Diadochi Warlords and Stupor Mundi (from Alephtar Games)  Now it contains altogether 103 Combat Style Traits for fantasy campaigns

These are the new combat style traits incorporated. You can find it here

Diadochi Pike* (Diadochi Warlords)
Claymore (Stupor Mundi)
Cloak Defense (Stupor Mundi)
Dagger Prowess (Stupor Mundi)
Improved Surrender (Stupor Mundi)
Street Fighter (Sofia of the Ironlands)
Horse Archery (Stupor Mundi)
Longbow (Stupor Mundi)
Joint Locks (Weird of Hali)
Blind Fighting (Weird of Hali)
Pressure Points (Weird of Hali)
Sucker Punch (Weird of Hali)

Mythic Rome Goes to War. Combat Style Cards for all Combat Styles in Mythic Rome

Here are Combat Style Cards for playing Mythras in Mythic Rome.

Created all weapons for Mythic Rome and combat style cards for all of the combat styles in Mythic Rome

There now exist combat style cards for the following Mythic Rome styles

Mythic Rome overall

  • Samnite Gladiator
  • Gaul Gladiator
  • Thracian Gladiator
  • Retiarius Gladiator
  • Horseman Gladiator

Mythic Rome Pre 4th Century

  • Roman Cavalry – Pre 4th Century
  • Roman First Class Infantry – Pre 4th Century
  • Roman Second or Third Class Infantry – Pre 4th Century
  • Roman Fourth Class Infantry – Pre 4th Century
  • Roman Fifth Class Infantry – Pre 4th Century
  • Aequi or Volsci Warrior
  • Gallic Warrior
  • Gallic Fanatic
  • Gallic Charioteer
  • Gallic Cavalry

Mythic Rome 4th Century

  • Hastati and Principes 4th Century
  • Triarii 4th Century
  • Rorarii and Accensi 4th Century
  • Leves 4th Century
  • Samnite Heavy Infantry
  • Samnite Light Infantry
  • Samnite Cavalry
  • Heavy Gallic Infantry
  • Light Gallic Infantry
  • Gallic Charioteer 3rd-1st Century
  • Gallic Cavalry 3rd-1st Century
  • Heavy Macedonian Phalangite
  • Light Macedonian Phalangite
  • Macedonian Cavalry

Mythic Rome 3rd Century

  • Hastati and Principes 3rd Century
  • Triarii 3rd Century
  • Velites 3rd Century
  • Roman Cavalry 3rd Century

Mythic Rome Carthage 3rd Century

  • Libyan Phalangite
  • Iberian Swordsmen (Scutarii)
  • Iberian Skirmishers (Caetrati)
  • Iberian Cavalry
  • Numidian Cavalry
  • Elephant Cavalry

Mythic Rome Late Republic

  • Legionary
  • Legionary Officer
  • Auxilia Gallic or German Cavalry
  • Auxilia Mercenary Archer
  • Auxilia Balearic Mercenary Slinger

You can find the description for combat style cards here and the combat style cards themselves are here (see folders with names starting Mythic Rome). Altogether there should now be almost 450 Combat Style Cards for various periods. If you find that something important is missing that has been published, please inform.