RQ Encounter Generator: Cult update

RQ Encounter Generator (for RQ6) (the creation of skoll at thedesignmechanism forum) has a major new feature – cults (and spirit societies, mystic orders and sorcery orders) as a first class citizen.

Following cults have been created and appropriate enemies and parties enhanced with these:

Spirit worshipper to high shaman for bison, impala and rhino tribes. 

  • Storm Bull
  • Eiritha
  • Oakfed
  • Waha

From Initiate to Rune Lord/devotee


  • Kyger Litor
  • Zorak Zoran
  • Aranea
  • Argan Argar
  • Gorakiki Bee
  • Gorakiki Beetle
  • Gorakiki Locust
  • Gorakiki Moth
  • Moorgarki


  • Babeester Gor
  • Danfive Xaron
  • Dormal
  • Etyries
  • Evukindu
  • Gagarth
  • Humakt
  • Issaries
  • Lanbril
  • Lhankor Mhy
  • Maran Gor
  • Orlanth
  • Yanafal Tarsils
  • Yelmalio
  • Zola Fel


  • Magasta
  • Wachaza


  • Bagog
  • Cacodemon
  • Gark the Calm
  • Krarsht
  • Mallia
  • Seseine
  • Thed
  • Vivamort

appropriate parties have been updated and a few new ones created

All of the above have also the skills based on Glorantha Cult One Pagers

All sorcerers from Monster island and spirit societies for Kangi and Mandahi as well…

More cults will be added in the coming days.

Easy way to find these enemies is to filter by cult name on either the party or enemy page.

New parties have been created as well – among them are…

  • At Afadjann Masarin Residence
  • Aranea Spider Party
  • Doraddi on Warpath – Main Body, Pamaltela
  • Doraddi Raiding Party, Pamaltela
  • Earth Priestess Party
  • Earth Temple Guardians
  • Elf, Yellow Warder Forward Party
  • Elf, Yellow Warder Party
  • Etyries Caravan, Small
  • Mermen Warparty
  • Mermen Warparty, Magasta
  • Praxian Gagarth Bison Nomad Raiding Party
  • Scorpionmen Raiding Party
  • Scorpionmen Raiding Party, Bad News
  • Troll Gorakiki Bee Base
  • Troll Gorakiki Beetle Caravan
  • Troll Gorakiki Moth Base
  • Troll Warpary, Serious Business
  • Zola Fel Party

RQ Encounters – Prax meets Cult One-pagers

RQ Encounter Generator (for RQ6) (the creation of skoll at thedesignmechanism forum) has a major new feature – cults (and spirit societies, mystic orders and sorcery orders) as a first class citizen.  Cult is a holder for spells, miracles, sorcery spells and mystic abilities. You can attach multiple cults to a template and all of their abilities will be added to the template at the time of generation. You can have additional spells and abilities on your template to enrich the basic cult.

This will make it easy to create a cult member for your template, just pick a cult/s you like and their levels (initiate, acolyte or priest etc) for your template. You can of course create your own cults as well – either from existing ones or from scratch.  As a convention it is useful to mention the name of the order or cult first, then the rank in the cult.

There now exists many cults and spirit societies especially for Prax and sorcery orders for Monster Island. More will come later.

Following cults have been created and appropriate enemies and parties enhanced with these:

Spirit worshipper to high shaman for bison, impala and rhino tribes. 

  • Storm Bull
  • Eiritha
  • Waha

From Initiate to Rune Lord/devotee


  • Kyger Litor
  • Zorak Zoran


  • Orlanth
  • Lhankor Mhy
  • Humakt
  • Yelmalio
  • Issaries
  • Yanafal Tarsils


  • Mallia
  • Thed

appropriate parties have been updated and a few new ones created

All of the above have also the skills based on Glorantha Cult One Pagers

All sorcerers from Monster island and spirit societies for Kangi and Mandahi as well…

More cults will be added in the coming days.

Easy way to find these enemies is to filter by Prax on either the party or enemy page.

Updated cults main page exists here ! Updated cult descriptions, more cults. 

Guest post: Starting a Glorantha RQ6 Campaign before AiG – another view

Here is the first guest post on Notes From Pavis blog. It was written by Skoll who the mastermind behind RQ Encounters tool.  He published this first on Design Mechanism forums

A while ago I wrote an article with a similar purpose, but never finalized and posted it. Your post inspired me to give it the finishing touches, so here it is. Some of it overlaps with what you wrote, but there’s also stuff, that you didn’t mention, so I hope it will be useful for new players interested in Glorantha.

As the question of getting started in Glorantha seems to pop up every now and then, here’s some advice from somebody, who about 3 years ago decided to get reacquainted with the setting after a 15 year hiatus. Disclaimer: All of the following is based on my personal experience, and thus should not be taken as absolute truth.

Table of Contents

  • Source material
  • Glorantha 101
  • Converting stuff to RQ6
  • Getting started

Glorantha is an old setting with the first supplements dating back to 1970’s. There’s a plethora of material available and enough campaigns to keep even the most active groups busy for years. But to a new player, the amount of material might feel overwhelming. Another problem is, that none of the material has been released for RQ6. While very much compatible with RQ6, all the material will still require some amount of conversion work.

Source material

The RQ2 and RQ3 material was released in 80’s and early 90’s. (RQ2 age is generally considered as the golden age of playing RuneQuest in Glorantha). Pretty much all of the material has stood the test of time exceptionally well and provides still excellent gaming. Conversion work is pretty straight forward, most of the work needs to be done with magic. (See conversion notes below.) Some of the classic RQ2 campaigns have been rereleased by Moon Design in the Gloranthan Classics -series, which is highly recommended.

Mongoose RuneQuest 2 (MRQ2)
(Obviously there was also Mongoose RuneQuest 1, but I’m not familiar with it and I have understood, that several of the design aspects were quite flawed.)
MRQ2 (technically the 5th edition of RQ, nowadays rebranded as Legend) was the immediate predecessor of RQ6, having also been designed by Pete and Loz. Most of the elements of RQ6 are already there, but to me RQ6 feels more polished and has generally a better flow. The Glorantha material released for MRQ2 is rules wise very compatible with RQ6, but is considered non-canonical for many parts. Also, all MRQ2 material takes place during the 2nd Age, while all of the classical material, as well as the upcoming RQ6 Adventures in Glorantha, is 3rd Age. Despite these problems, I have found MRQ2 Cults of Glorantha to be a valuable sourcebook, but it isn’t generally available anymore.

Moon Design (the owner of Glorantha) is nowadays publishing a game named HeroQuest (previously known as Hero Wars). HQ is a rules-light narrative RPG, and has a lot of Glorantha-material available. The HQ Glorantha material is relatively easy to take into use with RQ6, but requires some effort as you need to create all stats and skills for NPCs and monsters. (Alternatively you can use the RQ6 Encounter Generator to generate the stats.) Despite requiring some effort to take into use, they are excellent source books. Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes (together with Sartar Companion) is the most inspiring RPG source book I have ever read. It details the area of Sartar in Dragon Pass and the Orlanthi culture and gods. Pavis: Gateway to Adventure is the other great new book, detailing the valley of the River of Cradles.

Guide to Glorantha
The upcoming Guide to Glorantha, published by Moon Design, will be a completely systemless introduction to the world of Glorantha. It will describe Gloranthan cultures, races, geographical regions, and a lot more. But, despite being a massive tome, it’s more of an overview. It won’t go into details with cults, NPCs or more specific locations. It’s a good source for background material, but it doesn’t replace proper campaign settings. 

Adventures in Glorantha
AiG is the upcoming RQ6 Glorantha sourcebook from The Design Mechanism.

Glorantha 101

To help you put all that you will read to a context from the very beginning, here’s some very basic info about Glorantha.

There are two classical adventuring areas in Glorantha: Sartar/Dragon Pass and Prax/The River of Cradles.

Sartar is home of the barbarian orlanthi, named after their chief god Orlanth. Orlanth is a storm god with many aspects and he’s worshipped by adventurers and kings alike. In addition to Orlanth, they worship Ernalda (Earth Goddess, wife of Orlanth), Issaries (communication and trade), Lhankor Mhy (knowledge), Humakt (death and war), Urox (the chaos killer, also known as Stormbull) and many others. The orlanthi value Courage, Wisdom, Generosity, Justice, Honor, Piety and Freedom. The orlanthi are currently (3rd Age) waging a losing war against the Lunar Empire. A primer is available at (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/8 … ers-Primer).

Prax is an inhospitable area east of Dragon Pass, populated by nomad tribes. The most important feature of Prax is the Zola Fel river, also known as the River of Cradles. The Valley of the river is a lot more hospitable, and is populated by farmers who have immigrated from Sartar and the Lunar Empire. Prax is also where the city of (New) Pavis is located. The city is next to Old Pavis, nowadays known as The Big Rubble, an area inhabited by trolls and monsters and full of ancient ruins, which makes it popular among adventurers. Pavis was conquered by the Lunar Empire some years ago.

Another legendary area for starting a campaign is that of Balazar and the Elder Wilds (north of Prax, beyond impassable mountains), detailed in The Griffin Mountain supplement.

Lunar Empire is a civilized empire with a unique philosophy. As they embrace certain aspects of chaos, they are violently opposed by the orlanthi. I wouldn’t recommend making lunar player characters in the first campaign.


Here’s some advice for converting older material to RQ6.

RQ2 to RQ6

  • RQ2 Battle Magic is Folk Magic in RQ6.
  • RQ2 Rune Magic is Theistic Magic in RQ6.
  • In RQ2 initiates generally got one-time use Rune magic by sacrificing permanent POW. Only priests got reusable Rune magic, but they also had to sacrifice POW.
  • Hit locations have changed.
  • New characters in RQ2 had considerably lower skills than what characters created with RQ6 rules. To keep the challenges challenging, you may need to increase some skills of the monsters and NPCs.
  • All NPC’s, that will participate in combat, should have Endurance and Willpower added. I have used the following simple formula: Rabble gets Endurance of CONx4 and Willpower of POWx4; normal foes get a multiplier of 5 and formidable foes/bosses get a multiplier of 6.
  • Or you can use the RQ6 Encounter Generator (http://skoll.xyz/mythras_eg/) to create all the NPC/monster stats. There are over 600 Gloranthan creatures specified in the generator.
  • Spirits could exists also on the physical plane, and it was possible to have Spirit Combat also on the physical plane. The only requirement was, that one of the participants was in spirit form.
  • If you are wondering, what does this or that spell mentioned in the old supplements actually do, they are all described in The Magic Book (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/8 … Magic-Book), available from Chaosium.

MRQ2 to RQ6
There’s really not much to do in terms on conversion, but in case you are unfamiliar with MRQ2/Legend, some terms might be confusing.
MRQ2 – RQ6
Common magic – Folk magic
Divine Magic – Theistic magic
Resilience – Endurance
Persistence – Willpower

HQ to RQ6
If you get just the Glorantha supplements, and don’t have the HQ rule book, the skill level notation used in the books will probably be unclear. HQ is a d20 game, and all skills are described with a number from 1-20, bigger being better. A W-symbol (actually it’s the mastery rune) behind the number means, that mastery has been achieved, meaning the skill is beyond 20. (e.g. 7W is actually 27). A number beyond the W-rune is the level of master. (e.g. 7W2 is 47).

Getting started

If this all has been too vague, and you’d like some more concrete advice on getting started, here’s one option:
Get the Borderlands-campaign book and Cult Compendium (both available in the Gloranthan Classics -series, http://www.glorantha.com/product-catego … -classics/). Borderlands is straight-forward campaign, that takes place in and near the Valley of Zola Fel. The characters are mercenaries hired by duke Raus, to clear the nearby area and make it safe for settlers, who will arrive one year later. It introduces the players (and the GM) bit by bit to several of the cultures of Prax.
Give the following background-options to the players: 

  • Exile/immigrant from Sartar worshipping Orlanth, Humakt, Urox, Lhankor Mhy or Issaries.
  • Sun Dome Templars worshipping Yelmalio.
  • Praxian nomad worshipping Waha or Stormull.

(The restricted list is just to help you get started, without needing to read about dozens of cults. Feel free to give your players access to any cults you are comfortable with.)
After finishing Borderlands, get Pavis and Big Rubble.
If you want more background info, get Pavis: Gateway to Adventure, and Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes and Sartar companion (The Sartar books are excellent source books even if you play in Prax, as they give an excellent introduction into the Orlanthi culture).

Starting a Glorantha RQ6 campaign (before Adventures in Glorantha)

Many times it is asked what would be a good way to get started with Glorantha and RQ6. There are many possible paths but here is one: See generic introduction to Glorantha Get one of the classic campaigns from Moon Design

  • 1. Borderlands and Beyond
  • 2. Pavis and Big Rubble
  • 3. Griffin Mountain

If you are completely new to Glorantha – the above would be roughly my preference order. All of these will have their stats in Rq2 format and their cults in Rq2 format. For the RQ6 stats go to RQ Encounter Generator and either search for parties or enemies to generate or create your own based on the templates.

For what is possible check the party encounters Quiet Night at Gimpy’s for Pavis encounter or Monster Island daily event. You could also just pick either enemies or parties page and press “I feel lucky” for some random encounter.

For the cults – visit Glorantha Cult One pagers and get the Cult Compendium from Moon Design. After the initial campaign on some of the above you might turn into Sartar Kingdom of Heroes/ Sartar Companion and the new Pavis book from Moon Design. They have their stats in HW but you can use the above generator to create the stats.

Cultural information and background is explained in really useful and concise format in Gloranthan Voices material.

Pick a culture (or two) for starters.

Monster Island by the Design Mechanism is a superb supplement and you can fit it nicely as the isle of Loral. Useful charts for GM’s exist here  and here

Guide to Glorantha from Moon Design Publications is now published. It is glorious and large – it will be useful for any GM in Glorantha but is completely system agnostic – no rules or stats there.

Every one of us is waiting for Adventures in Glorantha (AIG) from Loz and Pete but meanwhile you can easily game in Glorantha with the above tips.

For another view see the guest posts Skoll’s excellent article  and Tom’s wonderful piece on possibilities in Glorantha gaming. Take a look also at Joerg Baumgartner’s excellent view how to start gaming in Glorantha

Fonritan update

Some new Fonritan enemies are now available in RQ Encounter Generator (for RQ6) (the creation of skoll at thedesignmechanism forum) The cult of Lamsabi has been turned to a (Mystic) Brotherhood of Lamsabi to get some variety to thief scene.

Following enemies can now be generated – initiates, acolytes and devotees for

  • Lamsabi
  • Hanjethulut – the Angry Warrior
  • Fida’ls the Fire bird
  • Ikadz the Truthmaker

Fonritan parties have been enhanced with the presence of the above where required New parties have been created

  • Afadjann Black Watch Patrol
  • Afadjann Hanjethulut Patrol
  • Afadjann Lamsabi Thieves
  • Afadjann Pursuers of Higher Truth
  • Afadjann Pursuers of Truth
  • Afadjanni Corsairs, Followers of Um-Oradin
  • Major Shrines for Burayha Xolani, Garangordos,Karkisso the Seer, Ompalam, Orjethulut and Um-Oradin

…with more to come

RQ6 Encounter Generator – April News (aka Fonrit special)

RQ Encounter Generator (for RQ6) (the creation of skoll at thedesignmechanism forum) has gone south – to Fonrit.

There are now multiple parties for Afadjann in Fonrit.

Following enemies can now be generated – initiates, acolytes and devotees for

  • Calari the Hunter – Junping Leopard Man
  • Ompalam the All knowing
  • Orjethulut – The Silent One
  • Garangordos the Wise
  • Evukindu the Warrior
  • Burayha Xolani – the Chirurgeon of Afadjann
  • Um-Oradin the Corsair God
  • Karkisso the Seer
  • and a gaggle of Afadjann Black Baboons for supporting cast

Fonritan parties have been enhanced with the presence of the above where required

New parties have been created

  • Afadjann Chirurgeon Party
  • Afadjann Doctors Without Limits
  • Afadjann Leopard Men on the Move
  • Afadjann Leopard Men on Silent Mission
  • Afadjann Ompalam Priests
  • Afadjann Patrol
  • Afadjann Police Hunter Patrol, Serious Business
  • Afadjann Slave Hunter Patrol

…with more to come

New features in program include

  • naming your enemies on the generated page (just click on a name)
  • favorites
  • new front page with just your favorites and a fast search
  • editable notes on the generated page




Gloranthan Cult One Pagers – Take Four

Updated cults main page exists here ! Updated cult descriptions, more cults. 

Revised again the draft one page summary of skills, folk magic and theist miracles for common Gloranthan cults – list now contains approximately 130 cults or major sub cults (7 Mothers, Aldrya)with their own one pager.

New format for spirit societies and slight tunings for cult pages. Added some new information on all of the cults (for example more info on locations) – tunings for some of the cults. Major fix for Yelm.  New cults or major tunings for a cult marked with italics. Added source info for all of the non RAW spells into the source links.

For each cult or spirit society source is mentioned for the spell,miracle or skill that is not found in current RQ6 rules.  Criteria for initiate, acolyte and rune status is mentioned as well.

For the spells and the description of the cults you will need to dive into Cult Compendium, Gods of Glorantha and Shadows in the Borderlands – at least. The links to original books are mentioned for the cults, you will need those books for detailed description of the cult, skills and spells. Many of the books and magazines are out of print but Moon Design Publications has a few and some others you may find thru drivethrurpg.com, Amazon or eBay.

All of this will be superseded by the official rules once AiG is out.

Cults available are grouped underneath roughly by ‘pantheon’

  • Lunar Etyries, Lanbril, Seven Mothers, Crimson Bat, Seven Mothers – Yanafal Tarsils, 7 Mothers – Danfive Xaron, Annilla, 7 Mothers – Yanafal Tarsils, 7 Mothers – Jakaleel, 7 Mothers – Irrippi Ontor, 7 Mothers – She Who Waits, 7 Mothers – Queen Deezola, 7 Mothers – Teelo Norri
  • Chaos – Genertela Bagog, Krarsht, Mallia, Pocharngo, Thanatar, Atyar, Than, Thed, Vivamort, Primal Chaos, Krjalk, Hungry Jack, Sidana, Tyram, Urain, Vakalta, Ulforg, Devil’s Hand, Path of Infinite Mutations, Taeterisus, Gark the Calm, Ompalam, Cacodemon, Lemure, Ragnaglar, Seseine
  • Pamalt Babeester Gor, Maran Gor, Pamalt, Shaman Spirit Society, Ty Kora Tek, Uleria, Lodril, Pamalt, Basmol, Bolongo, Rasout
  • Storm Asrelia, Babeester Gor, Chalana Arroy, Donandar, Dormal, Ernalda, Eurmal, Humakt, Issaries, Lanbril, Lhankor Mhy, Maran Gor, Odayla, Orlanth, Storm Bull, Ty Kora Tek, Uleria, Vinga, Waha, Gagarth, Grain Goddesses, Hykim & Mikyh, Lokarnos, Mastakos
  • Darkness Mee Vorala, Himile, Aranea, Argan Argar, Gorakiki, Kyger Litor, Xiola Umbar, Zorak Zoran, Moorgarki, Subere, Xentha, Shaman Spirit Society, Annilla, Arkat, Asrelia, Zong, Gerak Kag
  • Praxian Eiritha, Pavis, Storm Bull, Waha, Zola Fel, Hungry Ghosts, Basmol, Dark Eater, Shaman Spirit Society, Gagarth, Foundchild
  • Elf Aldrya, Babeester Gor, Yelmalio, Flamal, Grain Goddesses, Mee Vorala, Voria, Aldrya – Wood Lord, Aldrya – Shaman, Aldrya – Gardener
  • Hsunchen Shaman Spirit Society, Telmor, Hungry Ghosts, Hykim & Mikyh, Horned Man Spirit Society, Basmol
  • Malkion Dormal, Arkat
  • Sea Dormal, Magasta, Triolina, Tsankth, Wachaza, Annilla
  • Yelm Chalana Arroy, Donandar, Lanbril, Lodril, Yelm, Yelmalio, Yelorna, Uleria, Dendara, Grain Goddesses, Lokarnos
  • Kralorela Dendara, Grain Goddesses, Hykim & Mikyh, Path of Immanent Mastery, Black Sun
  • East Isles Lumavoxoran, Hobimarong, Saliligor
  • Vormain Tsankth
  • Arkat Arkat
  • Ompalam Ompalam, Calari the Hunter, Burayha Xolani, Ennung, Ernamola, Evukindu, Fida’ls, Garangordos, Hanjethulut, Orjethulut, Heler, Jokotu the Murderer (spirit society & cult), Karkisso the Seer, Seseine
  • Chaos – Pamaltela Cacodemon, Gloomshark, Ikadz, Krarsht, Ompalam, Primal Chaos, Mallia, Thanatar, Atyar, Than, Vivamort, Urain, Sidana, Lemure, Gark the Calm, Thed
  • Anywhere or No pantheon – City God, Blackfang, Bloody Tusk, Caladra&Aurelion, Dorasta, Flintnail, Lamsabi, Selarn, Sun Dragon, Um-Oradin, Valind

All of the above will likely change during my campaign and has gone thru just initial tuning.

For spell conversions take a look at gloranthaphiles more detailed conversion.


The cult files are here:

Updated cults main page exists here ! Updated cult descriptions, more cults. 

Burayha Xolani – Fonritan healer god

Here is my first attempt at a Fonritan Healer God for Runequest 6 campaign.


Burayha Xolani – long form

This was inspired by Simon Bray’s Harem Nights freeform and many discussions and emails in the Google+ community for Glorantha. Good sources for Fonritan material are  (link list provided thanks to Fonritan Campaign pages)

You will eventually find the good doctor and his friends in RQ Encounters (Fonrit filter)

A gaggle of Fonritan Encounters can be found here