Burayha Xolani – Fonritan healer god

Here is my first attempt at a Fonritan Healer God for Runequest 6 campaign.


Burayha Xolani – long form

This was inspired by Simon Bray’s Harem Nights freeform and many discussions and emails in the Google+ community for Glorantha. Good sources for Fonritan material are  (link list provided thanks to Fonritan Campaign pages)

You will eventually find the good doctor and his friends in RQ Encounters (Fonrit filter)

A gaggle of Fonritan Encounters can be found here

3 responses to “Burayha Xolani – Fonritan healer god

  1. I played the healer in Harem Nights the first time I went to Tentacles in Germany! Fab freeform – insane character! lol!!

    I had the Ompalam rune drawn on my forehead and forgot to wear sunblock… So returned to work the following week with a bright red face and white pair of handcuffs in the middle of my forehead…….



  2. ..and you had a good story to explain that 🙂


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