Sword and Sorcery Encounters with Encounter Generator part 1

Sword and sorcery campaign needs bravos, barbarian berserkers, palace guards, corsairs, enforcers, thugs, and pit fighters as NPCs among others. Here is a set of sword and sorcery encounters that could work for sword and sorcery campaign.

They are designed from the RAW culture skillsets like pregenerated characters (see here) but they have their main combat style in the proficient range (60s) instead of novice.

Their combat styles are based on ranger dan material that is also included in my combat style encyclopedia and shown in the combat style cards. Each NPC gets one or sometimes two combat styles from the list, couple of main weapons, sidearm, shield and ranged weapon if defined there and a name. For most of them folk magic is also described but if your campaign does not use folk magic, you can just drop it. You can find them with tag “Swordandsorcery”.

So as individuals or even groups they are ready to use. Here are the links to MeG pages. For most of them – the basic link, link to a combat style card and a link to a strong one, a leader and group of them as a crew if applicable

More material about Encounter Generator can be found here and combat style cards here. The encyclopedia of Combat Styles can be found here. As usual the the useful charts for Mythras can be found here. If you are just beginning with Mythras go to starter resources.

From The Archives – Glorantha Names translation from English to Finnish pre 1989

There was a question on Facebook about Finnish translation of the names. Found an old document where I translated for my own campaign the names available at the time – somewhere mid to late 80’s. They were done in my student days. Nowadays perhaps would change a few when both the Glorantha and my knowledge of English has changed.

Reflecting back on time: when this translation was last saved it was written with Word version prior to Word 6 and it does not open with current versions of word. The only available Glorantha materials were


Cults of Prax


Dragon Pass



Griffin Mountain


RQ Companion

There was no internet for general public. Alarums & Excursions was the closest I knew about general community. Things have changed a bit…

The file as PDF is here

Piranha swarms, Leeches, Jellyfish shoals, Rat swarms, Crab swarms – new versions in Mythras Encounter Generator

From what I hear there are several expeditions in various campaigns that are heading to interior of Monster Island. Built up some new versions and new variations of the shoals, flocks and hordes in the Monster Island. Now there exists all the sizes of Flocks and the links work again for example: Enormous Swarm of Jellyfish . You can find all these by using search word : Flock , it will find also other people’s flocks.


Include chance of getting a disease



They include blood sense and swimmer ability.


Crab swarms


Mythras Weaponry