Combat Styles Combine And Go Encyclopaedic

Combat Style Cards have been gathered into a single Encyclopaedia that is now 830 1032 pages long. There are now almost 720 Combat Styles and almost 120 Combat Style Traits in the Encyclopaedia. The Encyclopaedia contains Combat Style Traits and all the new indices in a single volume.

Combat Style is a combination of weapons that a culture or organisation trains to be effectively used together. Combat Style usually include one or much more rarely more than one Combat Style Traits. Combat Style Cards are quick reference cards which show examples of such styles together with weapon statistics and how this combination of weapons interacts with Combat Special Effects. At the start of this document there are indices showing what styles are used in what areas and what organisations etc. Pick a combat style from these for your character or NPC and use this as a quick reference during the game.

There is a table of content by area and table of contents is clickable so one can easily reach the combat style wanted.

This encyclopaedia contains following parts

  • table of contents for encyclopedia
  • combat style traits list
  • Combat style indices to browse by different ways for inspiration
    • Styles by kind
    • Combat Style Traits by kind and combat styles used
    • Combat Style Traits by area and combat styles used
    • Weapons and Areas and Combat Styles where they are used
    • Combat style traits and combat styles which use them
    • Combat styles by kind and area
  • Areas and their combat style cards

These will now update always together and you will know the latest version by the date in the cover.

Separate combat style card files in the folders will be phased out.

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