Mythras Combat Style Traits Encyclopaedia 2022 Weird of Hali and Stupor Mundi Release

The directory based combat style cards have been replaced by Combat Style Card Encyclopaedia

I updated the Encyclopedia of Mythras Combat Style Traits to include the styles from Weird of Hali (from Aeon Games), Diadochi Warlords and Stupor Mundi (from Alephtar Games)  Now it contains altogether 103 Combat Style Traits for fantasy campaigns

These are the new combat style traits incorporated. You can find it here

Diadochi Pike* (Diadochi Warlords)
Claymore (Stupor Mundi)
Cloak Defense (Stupor Mundi)
Dagger Prowess (Stupor Mundi)
Improved Surrender (Stupor Mundi)
Street Fighter (Sofia of the Ironlands)
Horse Archery (Stupor Mundi)
Longbow (Stupor Mundi)
Joint Locks (Weird of Hali)
Blind Fighting (Weird of Hali)
Pressure Points (Weird of Hali)
Sucker Punch (Weird of Hali)

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