Update on Adventures in Glorantha Take 4: Spirit Societies

In my previous post I presented a version of spirit societies for AiG as part of Gloranthan Cult One pagers for AiG. There were some questions in various forums that caused me to revisit the societies. Now most of the Bless spirits have aspects (skills, mechanisms etc) mentioned that what they might bless or boost. Curse spirits could use the same list. The totem animals have also been updated to provide some totem animal specific skills that bless spirits could boost. All of these are my view and nothing official. Feedback is welcome.

These are the spirit abilities by rune spirit (every spirit has a rune) – some of the abilities are different from RQ6 and then there are new ones. Spirit society has spirits from the runes it holds. I have made assumption that all of those spirits are friendly. Each rune has a list of the kind of spirits it ‘handles’. Each spirit can have multiple different kind of abilities – for example curse spirits are very similar to ones from RAW. Disease spirit is similar to sickness spirit. A spirit can sometimes have multiple abilities. I am somewhat hesitant to go deeper into describing the spirits as the rulebook is meant for that.

Without rulebook it might be just possible to map the names of the spirits to similar ones in RAW. Spirits in AiG are really cool…

So we have a new version of the Glorantha One Pagers for Spirit Societies in AiG 

Adventures in Glorantha Take 4: Spirit Societies

Adventures in Glorantha Preview brings us rich variety of spirits for shamans.

Full list of spirit Societies have not been released yet for AiG – they will come later on in Chaosium Runequest but that is still far away in time. For the time being I have created as a fan contribution my view of the spirit societies in one pager format.

Here are now 26 spirit societies made from Runes usually associated with those. This is how I view them. This is a first cut. This should help those few who have the preview but also any others as most of the spirits are available in RQ6. Only some neutral spirits are mentioned here. None of the spirit magic is mentioned on this round.

Format is now somewhat different as we do not have acolytes anymore in AiG.

The original one-pagers will still be available in their location. The new ones will be in Aig directory and have in small print on upper right corner “Aig Preview version”. I expect I need to tune these still – so I added print date and time info on bottom of the page.

This of course meant that I need to change later on the stats in RQ6 Encounter Generator as the spirit society members there have been so far my interpretation of RQ6 Glorantha without Aig. The spirit societies that have been changed are still my interpretations of the AiG as they are based on the Preview and the rules are not fully complete yet. Like noted in my first look at Adventures in Glorantha elder races are not yet described in AiG Preview.  I remain in gratitude that I got permission at GenCon to do this upgrade to the Gloranthan Cult One-pagers under the normal Fan Policy.

Feedback is welcome.

I will likely not be updating the original one pagers but will be working on this AIG preview version until Chaosium Runequest comes out – I will likely update the one pagers at that time for it as well.

So we have the Glorantha One Pagers for Spirit Societies in AiG 

Spirit societies that exist now are

  • Aldrya
  • Bagog
  • Blackfang
  • Daka Fal
  • Dark Eater
  • Eiritha
  • Foundchild
  • Golden Bow
  • Horned Man
  • Hungry Ghosts
  • Jokotu
  • Kolating
  • Kyger Litor
  • Mallia
  • Oakfed
  • Odayla
  • Pamalt
  • Rasout
  • Stormbull
  • Thed
  • Waha
  • Zola Fel
  • Zong

Hsunchen societies here are

  • Telmor
  • Pujaleg
  • Basmol

The Hsunchen, Pamalt and the hunter gods (Ragout, Odayla, Zong, Foundchild) still have their theistic side as well. At least for Hsunchen it should fade away in the future – so for these cults it would be good to use only the spirit society side. Others would probably stay as a mix of theistic (rune magic) and animistic cults & spirit societies.