Mythras Encounter Generator Difficulty Levels Refactored and Many Other Things As Well

The Most Important Table in Mythras (Monster Island page 282) did not exist at the time MeG was created 8 years ago. During that time more than 3800 public encounters have been created and similar number of ones that have been private to their creators’ campaigns. MeG has also evolved during that time getting many new features and most of all the creators have gained experience in how to use the MeG and creators’ ambition has risen as well.

As I have created 2300+ of the encounters I decided to go back and take a look what I could with some amount of work improve or change based on the experience so far. All creators can change only their own creatures so this is how I changed mine.

One of the contributions of Monster Island was the MITM (Most Important Table in Mythras). It gives you the idea of what skill levels novice, competent, proficient, expert, master and paragon would have and what they are known for.

MeG has a similar ranking but with not as many levels. As currently it is not feasible to change the names of the MeG ranks I made a tentative mapping between MeG and MITM as follows.

Main skillMITM rankingMeG rank
91+Master and ParagonMaster

After this I generated each (well almost each) of the 2300+ templates I have made at least once and took a look at few of the first npc’s generated from each template what is the main skill generated and the rank MeG has and changed the ranking to correspond to the above. So for example if the MeG rank was skilled and the generation yielded mostly in 71-90 range – I changed the rank to Veteran. And so on. Most often this was combat skill but for some templates for example sorcery magic skills were more appropriate to judge. In some cases I took a general view and not exact view on one skill percentage. For some templates I found that I wanted them to have higher skill to maintain their rank or lower skill to lower their rank so I changed them. In several cases I wanted more variety in the percentages so I changed the flat percentage add to be more varied dice rolls. This changed ranks for 822 of my creations – some went down, some went up.

I also took a look at the notes block for the creation and if some things could be moved to be “features” like “Abilities”, “Combat Style”, “Basic Poison” etc or if some abilities were missing I added them and cleaned some of the notes block. This changed 173 of the templates.

I also added few tags here and there but that would need another round sometime in future.

Some of the monsters and animals were missing “Natural armor” tick box – so they were slower than they need to be in initiative. I added the tick box to everything that was not wearing armor. This changed 465 templates.

I also changed few characteristics for less than a couple of dozen templates that did not follow the SIZ and STR guidelines from the RAW.

So what is the benefit of this:

When you filter by rank in MeG – many creatures (all of mine) now are of appropriate difficulty level to that rank. So if you want skilled opponents – you are not confronted by masters or if you need masters you will not find novices in the filtering results.

Also you will find that those generated have now correct natural armor penalty – so animals and monsters are quicker in initiative. There is also more info in the encounters for the abilities so it is easier to use – do not have to look up the info in the RAW or MI so much.

I encourage everyone who creates new creatures to fill the rank correctly and use the “features” and natural armor tick boxes. It is also hugely beneficial for all of us as users if you use enough proper and useful tagging. When you go back and visit your templates – it would be useful to do similar changes if the creatures are public.

So what will happen in the next refactoring – perhaps more tagging, more adding of combat styles and additional features and more explanations what the creatures are and where to refer for more information. This may come some time in future but not this year…

You will find Mythras Encounter Generator here

Creatures of Mythic Rome arrive to MeG

The missing creatures from Mythic Rome supplement have been added to MeG. In addition the tag Mythic Rome has been added to a few other creatures mentioned.

These are the creatures added:

All of these and 3800 more are published at Mythras Encounter Generator

Spirits in a Material World (Djinn special)

Was reading the Other Sinbad and Dead Djinn in Cairo for inspiration to a sea voyage that my players might be undertaking in the seas surrounding Fonrit . This reminded me that I had not yet created the mighty (and not so mighty) Djinn in the Mythras Encounter Generator.

Pete Nash did a wonderful article on Fenix papers to bring the Djinn to life in Bartimaeus style and that gave me the stats.

The Djinns use a new sorcery order “Smokeless, Scorching Fire” for example “Adept of Smokeless, Scorching Fire”.  I made three levels (Apprentice, Adept and Mage). Djinns also needed new abilities in the Enemy Ability Feature set.

Here they are approximated in Mythras Encounter Generator.


Encounter Update – sorcerers,Gloranthan Ghouls, Insects and Umathela pregens


Here is a grab bag of Mythras Encounter updates. Some sorcerers, Gloranthan form of ghouls, many insects, rabble and some pregen for those quick games with starting characters.

Encounter generator is a way to very quickly generate enemies and NPCs for your campaign with full stats easy to reference. There are more than 3000 enemy templates to choose from – likely to contain something for your campaign as well.

Umathelan Pregens

Umathelan Rabble

All the underlings and rabble updated.

From the new Gloranthan Bestiary

Botanical Zombie

Some Ghoulish fun



Classic Fantasy Monsters for Mythras With Some Blood Tide Welling In

Classic Fantasy is a Mythras supplement for dungeoneering in the percentile world. Here are some of the monsters (some of them classics we grew to love in the early days of RPGs) in the Mythras Encounter Generator format.

There are also some encounters adapted from the evocative Blood Tide supplement for pirate campaigns.

For the fun of it here is an undead variety of the crocodile of the Pamaltelan continent.

You will likely find more useful encounters with the Encounter Generator. There are users guides to finding encounters and creating encounters and monsters

Some forgotten beasties from AiG, Mythic Constantinople and Monster Island

Noticed that I have not published some creatures in the generator.

Here are few of the unpublished ones, some of them from AiG:

From Mythic Constantinople

For Monster Island

Down On Your Luck in Monster Island – Law, Order and Hapless Explorers

I have been working for awhile with some side projects related to my campaign in Monster Island. As a result of those I also created a few Encounters that might be useful in Monster Island or possibly even other places play.

Monster Island is a wonderful place for hex crawl type activities and this is what the party has been doing the last few sessions using several new things I have been working on. Extended conflicts have been used from M-Space and they are actually rather wonderful way of setting heists, chases etc up. More on that later. I have been using Johnn Fourr’s Campaign Logger to build up a personal private campaign log. It is truly good way of tracking your campaign with minimal effort and the latest addition of random generators that you can either keep private or use what they provide or contribute as open source have been extremely useful. More on that also later.

In my campaign Monster Island is of course an alternate form of Loral – perhaps a touch more accessible than in the official lore but still plenty tough and modified to fit my Fonrit.  Fonritans of course want to exploit the riches of the island. M’Simba M’Samba the Green Walker is around but not seen…   Some wish to see him, others definitely do not.  Beware what you wish for you might get it, and it might not be what you thought it was.

Governor’s Guard is a small of group of toughest mercenaries so far seen. White Death is a larger group of mercenaries brought in to keep law and order. Stingers is militia volunteers.

The following parties might be encountered

You will likely find more useful encounters with the Encounter Generator.

Daimons Are Forever – Sky Warriors, Flamingoes and Dog People

Gianni Vacca made a request at Google+ forums for d100 version of Altinae daimon that was missing. So I promised to create one in the Encounter Generator. Daimons are quite rarely encountered in Genertela.

Here are some of the missing daimons

On the whim I added few other rarely encountered ones. Sedrali are dog people in Ralios. They are seen for example in the original Narrator’s book but of course found on the Anaxial’s Roster.

of course there also exists a party of them

Passion spirits have gained

  • Idiocy spirit
  • Violence spirit
  • Grief spirit

Most of the rest of the daimons can be found in



Pregenerated Characters for Mythras – Nomad Herders and Warriors in Prax and Elsewhere

Games Master will sometimes need quickly a set of player characters. Perhaps it is for a one off at convention or otherwise. Perhaps there was a TPK or you had one new player on baord without a character. Though character generation is fun it may take awhile – so in this series of posts a way to generate quickly some pregenerated characters.

Previous installments of pregenerated characters for Mythras/Rq6 Encounter Generator tackled some city folk and barbarians.

Now is the time for the noble nomads. These can be used either in Prax in Glorantha or anywhere using the animal names as just names of the tribes.

First some herders

..and then some warriors to protect them

You will also find a pregenerated nomad party, most likely in Paps or near Pavis city walls as so many different tribes together is likely to cause strife.

What are you waiting for – go make ambush already in Plains of Prax or hire out to protect a merchant caravan or go looting he Big Rubble in front of you


Nasty – Check. Chaotic – Check. Dorastor – Check. TPK – Check.

Looking for a one shot or TPK – here are few nasty encounters for Encounter Generator for Mythras and RQ6 from every GM’s dream and every player’s nightmare – lovely home of the shrine of Dorasta – Dorastor. Most of them mean death for even the most powerful of the player parties. Most of them are unique – meaning only one of them exists in Glorantha.

Vampires might exist anywhere. This was originally from Sun County

Disease spreading is not the prerogative of Broos only. Here is a flock of Harpies to do the same

The abandoned ruins of Dokat contain often the only inhabitant a spirit known as

Madness is prevalent in dorastor and few things are as mad as the

Mad Sultan never goes anywhere without proper entourage

There are relatively good guys in Dorastor but they are few and far between

Slimestone is a place but it has got some personality even if a bit clinging one

Siamese twins are rare but here is a pair who would like to meet you

Maidstone archers have a remote relative

This is the most volatile thing you might encounter

Some other chaotic ones are here