Return to Monster Island Completed

Went thru the Monster Island and found a few missing creatures hiding here and there.

This is the list – this should complete all the creatures presented in the Monster Island set.

Added also one old obscure one from the Pavis and Big Rubble

All the bands have now Musicals instruments which is a new additional feature

Return to Monster Island

I felt compelled to return to Monster Island with RQ Encounter Tool. Here are some of the few missing colourful creatures from the Monster Island book. Cob Hobblers are a particularly nasty end to player character career – not even to talk about the nasty Vorslurp.

Plants have had additions too in the plants additional feature

  • Deathdrip Flower
  • Moon Flower
  • Spinedragon Tree

These are visible for example in the Monster Island Daily Event

All of the Monster Island enemies have been updated to include abilities description and other tuneups. You will find these at Enemies and Parties page with filter “Monster Island”

Zombies have had some new additions as well – mostly with Delecti’s Swamp in mind


Plants for Glorantha – RQ Encounter Tool study

Sometimes it is good to find enemies that you can actually run away from. Plants usually cannot run after you but they might have other ways to persuade you to stay with them- sometimes forever. The generation will be done with RQ Encounter tool with the direct links below.

Perhaps you want to invoke your inner Rodin Greenbeak – here are few of the plants that he was so fond of studying. This garden has been selected from the ones who have unfriendly instincts towards moving life forms. There are thousands perhaps millions kinds of plants which bear no ill will towards the two or four legged.

Here are plants that have been seen in Prax and Tunnelled Hills but may grow in other areas as well.

Prax Daily Event contains as additional features Plants – Wastes
  • Bronze Rust
  • Bull Reeds
  • Cherry Bombs
  • Dreamweed
  • Tori’s Bane
  • Deathspine Cacti
  • Gagarth’s Gifts (Scrub Burss)
  • Gutwrack
  • Sneezeweed – Blisterweed – Blindweed
Delecti’s swamp and many other swamps contain deadly plants. Blackthorn trees have so far been seen only at Delecti’s swamp.
Monster Island Daily Event contains occasionally the swamp plants also prevalent at Delecti’s marsh. Their effects are found as additional features in category Plants – Swamp
  • Darkdart bush
  • Wailing trees
Loral Island or Monster Island has many plants for example
Kulamyu pods and Mantithorn Cacti have close relations to some plants in Wastes.
Sources for the above have been the old issues of Tales of The Reaching Moon, Tradetalk, RQ Adventures and the wonderful supplement called Monster Island.  If you know other sources for plants that you would like to see in RQ Encounter tool – inform me.