is getting up, first service up

Few weeks ago I was hit with a really unexpected bill from my service provider and had to shut down the

Big thanks for the support from the tribe – the support is really appreciated.

I changed service providers after this, the cost per month and year for the service to run is higher but it contains no surprises.

The new hosting provider (I searched many) does not support the tools and frameworks I used to create the and I have had to go back to earlier tools I used. I will need to rewrite the Mythras JSON Tool and Mythras Skill Desginer tool. I have experimented with a few approaches and now think I know how to get them also available in near future, I hope.

First service that is up now is the original content from the summer. It It contains now only the original page (City Bad Night Encounter Seed Generator, Ship and combat unit generators, NPC look and feel generators, poisons, rumors, diseases etc).

Thanks for your support and patience