NOMCORSS V1.5 Mythras Campaign Rules Setup Tool Goes to Mythic Babylon and Does Classic Fantasy

Mythras system is truly a toolkit. NOMCORSS (NotesFromPavis Opinionated Mythras Campaign Optional Rule Setup Sheet) tries to gather together all the Mythras rules options from all of the Mythras supplements with sensible (perhaps opinionated) default options. Version 1.5 contains in the order of 40 new rulings. – the new supplements added are Mythic Babylon and Classic Fantasy.

There are now more than 260 rules which have options that you can select – some with multiple options.  The file is here. Strong suggestion is to download it and open it with relatively new version of Excel, it might work with Google Sheets as well.

The new interface introduced in the previous version is shown here.

By default Mythras can be very simple. Here is a suggested default options list for a starting game.

Riding to Dragon Pass with an Army. Combat Styles Encyclopaedia Has A Style for You

Martin Helsdon’s incredible work on Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass is a worthy read for any Gloranthaphile. It is also worthy read for anyone thinking of creating a consistent, rich and detailed army structure for a fantasy campaign.

Martin has kindly given me permission to create combat styles based on his tome.

The combat styles will give a glimpse but only a partial tactical glimpse of the armies combat styles. For further study I heartily recommend diving into the Armies And Enemies of Dragon Pass to dig into the background of the army and the units involved, armor and so on. The book is also very nicely illustrated in black and white with useful pictures of weapons, shields and armor. The book will also give you rich background for equipping your own units for miniature or other tabletop games as well as it paints a tapestry of military background for your characters in RPGs if they have chosen that career path.

It will also give you a chance to build your local Lunar presence more detailed and will make the rich variety of Lunar army visible in your game.

You will find the Lunars in the Combat Style Encyclopaedia. So what are Combat Styles and what is the Combat Style Encyclopedia, check it out here. Combat Style Cards have been gathered into a single Encyclopaedia that is now 830 1032 pages long. There are now almost 720 Combat Styles and almost 120 Combat Style Traits in the Encyclopaedia.

This first update will concentrate on the conquerors (or liberators depending on the point of view, there are other points of views as well).

The Lunar army in all its might (well some units might be missing still):

Lunar Imperial Bodyguard

Feathered Axe
Full Moon Corps
Grim Soldiers
Hell Sisters
Household Foot
Mother’s Guard
Wyvern Riders

Lunar Cavalry Corps

Char-Un Heavy Cavalry
Char-Un Heavy Cavalry_
Deretinic Charioteers
Flowers of Death
Moon Arrow
Wing Temple

Lunar Eastern Field Corps

Althil Chasers
Feathered Dancers
First Victory
Jewel Points
Nightlight Spears
Noonlight Horse
Spear Sons
Twilight Spears

Lunar Heartland Corps

Beryl Phalanx,Jasper Phalanx,Granite Phalanx
Blessed Daughters
Blue Boys
Blue Dragoons, Red Drgoons
Copper Girls
Doblian Dogeaters
Hadrian’s Cavalry
Halera’s Chasers
Iceland Starclubs
Lasadag Lions
Lost Sky
Lunar Militia
Nest Thieves
Pittance Regiment
Raibanth Line Archer
Raibanth Line Spearmen
Steel Sword Legion
Thunder Delta Slingers

Lunar Magical Corps

Comet Seers
Spell Archers
University Guards

Lunar Other Regiments

Danfive Xaron Penal Battalion
Flint Legion
Horde Breakers
Lavic Legion
Queen’s Regiment

Lunar Provincial Army

Aggar Sun Dome Templars
Bell Temple
Billiz Highlanders
Chiton Cavalry
Drenthi Grims
Golden Shields
Kareiston’s Templars
Mirin Moon Mages
Mirinite Swords
Queen’s Horse
Saird Bowmen

Lunar Southern Field Corps

Kill You Regiment
Silver Shields
Silver Shields
Vahangi Archers
Yereni Horse

Lunar Tarsh – Native Furthest Corps

Bagnot Foot, Dunstop Foot, Talfort Foot
Border Wulf Peltasts
Foot Bison
Furthest Foot (1st and 2nd)
Goldedge Foot
New Lolon Foot
Peralam Sun Dome Templars
Reaching Moon
Slavewall Foot
Temple of the Green Bow
Upland Horse
Veterans Cavalry,2nd and 3rd Furthest Cavalry
White Legs

Other units

Black Horse Troop Heavy Cavalry
Colymar Heavy Cavalry