Gloranthan Holy Days Calendar and Cult One Pagers

There are several versions of Gloranthan Holy Day calendars floating around. Soltakks has a nice one on his site among lots of other useful stuff and there exists a beautiful Theyalan rune calendar made by Nel – a Catalonian gamer with fluent Finnish – of all languages.

I wanted to have a complete calendar containing all the cults. It is A3 in size 🙂


This is a draft version with as many as I could find so far. There are a few cults that do not have holy days or have floating ones – those are not in here.

This list contains the cult by cult their holy and high holy days.

If you want to have the pantheon holy days in addition, please take a look at Nel’s calendar.

I added also the Holy Days and High Holy Days into the one pagers.

Kyger Litor One pager.png

More infor about what the one pagers are is in here: Gloranthan Cult One Pagers.

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