Match Made in Heaven – Who are your Friends or Enemies – Gloranthan One Pagers meet Compatibility Chart

Glorantha has rich and diverse tradition of cults with enmities forged in times beyond Gods War and friendships made in Time. It is good to know who your cult’s traditional enemies are. If you do not follow the traditions of your cult’s relationships it will be that much more difficult to get ahead in the cult, not impossible but more difficult. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

The information here can make for tense moments in your party and in society in general. If your Blackfang assassin has managed to stay in good standing with your Zorak Zoran and Pavis fellow members it still might not be wise to let them know about your tight connections with Krarsht.

Cult Compendium has a great compatibility chart for finding out who your cult’s friends and enemies are. Currently it has 43 cults there.  I have now combined that information for those cults into easily digestible form into the Gloranthan One Pagers.


More information about what the one pagers are is in here: Gloranthan Cult One Pagers.

You will of course want to follow both the cult’s social guidance of who the enemies and friends (above) are and your cult’s rune personality guidance to emulate your cult’s god.

This is the initial list used to source the cult associations (this is from the Cult Compendium)

Aldrya,Aranea,Argan Argar,Bagog,Blackfang,Cacodemon,Caladra&Aurelion,Chalana Arroy,Crimson Bat,Daka Fal,Donandar,Eiritha,Flintnail,Foundchild,Frog Woman,Nysalor,Geo,Gorakiki,Humakt,Issaries,Krarsht,Kyger Litor,Lanbril,Lhankor Mhy,Lodril,Mallia,Orlanth,Pavis,Primal Chaos,River Horse,Seven Mothers,Storm Bull,Sun Dragon,Thanatar,Thed,Vivamort,Waha,Xiola Umbar,Yelm,Yelmalio,Yelorna,Zola Fel,Zorak Zoran,

2 responses to “Match Made in Heaven – Who are your Friends or Enemies – Gloranthan One Pagers meet Compatibility Chart

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  2. Annilla is closely associated with Jakaleel now that she was instrumental in the rise of the Red Moon.


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