Starter resources summary for Mythras GM

Here is a starter set of resources for a Mythras GM. This is a subset of all resources available at NotesFromPavis blog.

Extended Table of Contents for the Rulebook

Setting up the optional rules for Mythras Campaign


Combat – special effects

Combat – others

Encounter generators

Other sources

Item for Monster Island Campaign – Dhatamuzzin’s Guide To Hummingbirds of Monster Island

Here is an item from my Mythras Monster Island Campaign. It is the very rare copy guide to Hummingbirds of Monster Island. It was carefully researches by brave ornithologist Dhatamuzzin – who was lost in his latest travel to upper reaches of cloud forest in Komombo area in search of new subspecies of Prophet Bird. He used large part of his considerable inherited wealth to finance expeditions to inner Monster Island. His collection of bird feathers is beyond compare and is now being cared for in a private museum in the provincial capital.

The book contains first hand observations of the rarity of the birds, their living areas and delicateness of the birds for feather removal. It also contains market value researched which might fluctuate mightily. There is a Mandahi and Varanri Shaman curses put on Dhatamuzzin for his over zealous research in the vicinity of tribal holy places.

The link is here

Combat Style Cards update – Meeros and Dwarven Combat Styles and Separation of Firearms combat styles

The directory based combat style cards have been replaced by Combat Style Card Encyclopaedia

There is a small update on combat style cards. It contains now the Meeros Doomed combat styles. I added also a few Dwarven Combat Stylesinvented for Glorantha. I also updated all the cards separating all firearms related special effects to be applicable only for firearms. In addition there is now a strangle special effect from Fioracitta.

The new styles are for Meeros:

Brotherhood of Dust
Mercenary Infantry
Priestess of Myceras
Minotaur Gladiator
Kopashi Agent
Meerish Infantry
Meerish Slinger
Dark One Cultist

and for Dwarven

Dwarven Way of the Hammer
Dwarven Sound of the Axe
Dwarven Defender of the Wall
Dwarven Miner
Dwarven Crossbow Elite
Iron Dwarf Warrior
Dwarven Sapper
Nidan Iron Dwarf Rifleman

They can be found on the combat style card folder

Here is an example of Nidan Iron Dwarf Rifleman

The rest of the charts exist here.

There are other useful charts here

Tactics of selecting combat special effects in Mythras – a result based visualisation – next generation

After using the result based visualization and listening to feedback – here is an update on how to select the special effects.

Changes are

  • it fits into a single a4 – one for offensive and one for defensive special effects.
  • strangle special effect from Fioracitta added
  • all the special effects that are firearms only – marked so

How I use this – I printed it out and put it under plastic protective sheet – one to each side and a stiff cardboard in between. Now it is easy to keep on the table, text is big enough to see even on a4 and you are looking only at 1 a4 instead of 4.

Here are the defensive special effects and here the offensive special effects. is getting up, second service up. Revamp of UI


Few weeks ago I was hit with a really unexpected bill from my service provider and had to shut down the

Big thanks for the support from the tribe – the support is really appreciated.

I changed service providers after this, the cost per month and year for the service to run is higher but it contains no surprises.

The new hosting provider (I searched many) does not support the tools and frameworks I used to create the and I have had to go back to earlier tools I used. I will need to rewrite the Mythras JSON Tool and Mythras Skill Designer tool.

The present

Second service is now up. It is a tool to help with Roll20 (and other tools) – the Mythras JSON Generator tool. It let GM’s search easily for the enemies in Mythras Encounter Generator and then generate a JSON that can be copied to Roll20 as an NPC.

You will also notice that the tool has completely revamped user interface. It also contains links to other tools of use to Mythras GMs.

The future

Next I will work on the remaining tool: Mythras Skill Designer – I expect it to be available around start of year.

Thanks for your support and patience