RQ Encounter goes to town to check out the taverns and bars

RQ Encounter tool has been enhanced with new tools for building taverns.  We received a permission from Johnn Four of the fabulous RoleplayingTips.com to extend our taverns with the tables from his GM Mastery Book Three: Adventure Essentials: Inns & Taverns. He is offering 100% off the PDF version of Inns & Taverns

There is now Tavern Names – Ports and Tavern Names – Cities feature table to provide names for the bars. Room Quirks provide varying quirky rooms and Tavern Themes can be used to set a theme for the bar.

There are now also RQ6 rules for getting drunk in the taverns – this was based on Sebastian Jansson’s excellent suggestion at the design mechanism forum.

State of intoxication table has been added and you can see its effects on any of the drunk members in the bars.

Taverns and bars also have a drink menu automatically generated for various strengths of drink.

Tavern Names, Tavern Themes, Room Quirks and many of the added “Activities at bar” inspired by “GM Mastery: Inns & Taverns Essentials” and used with permission of Johnn Four of RolePlayingTips These have been tuned a bit to fit a RuneQuest/Glorantha context.

All of the current establishments (bar templates) have been updated with the above

List of new things

  • Drinking rules for Runequest 6
  • Tavern themes
  • Greatly expanded activity at bar table
  • Tavern names for cities
  • Tavern names for ports
  • Room quirks
  • State of intoxication
  • Drinks menus provided and can be added to taverns
  • Drunkenness table for the patrons of the bar

Bars to visit tonight


Rules for drunkenness


The victim suffers a state of intoxication, and will therefore experince an increasing lack in mental and physical finesse. Each time the victim fails an endurance role versus the drink’s potency, he or she gains a level of fatigue. These levels of fatigue persist for 1 hour. If the victim gains five levels of fatigue in this way he or she will have to make a secondary endurance role or suffer nausea for 1d6 + Number of drinks hours the following day. Thanks for rules to Sebastian J at Designmechanism forum.

Random Drunkness for a patron of the bar

For random drunkness use add 1d6 * hours place has been open for drinks. Reduce by any endurance over 100.

1-25 Not Drunk
26-45 Feeling it – All skills get hard penalty.
46-60 Buzzed – All skills at Hard Penalty. Movement rate -1
61-70 Sloppy – All skills at Formidable Penalty. MR -2. Strike Rank -2
71-80 Reckless – All skills at Formidable Penalty. MR halved. SR-4. Action points -1

81-85 Hammered – All skills at Herculean Penalty. MR halved. SR-6. AP-2
86-90 Passing Out – All skills at Herculean Penalty. Immobile. SR-8. AP-3
91-95 Blackout – All skills at Hopeless Penalty. No activities
96-00 Wagonwreck – No Activities possible. Horrible things may have happened. Total memory loss of the loss of self control

The Big guys

There is usually always the big guy to oppose you – the big barbarian in the corner, the bodyguard of the boss, the sergeant. He could be just the really big and strong one the big Wolf Pirate, the blacksmith, the strongest man in the tribe. Now there are templates for a few of these at various levels

He could be also the guy nobody likes to fight – the unstoppable one – the only undefeated champion in the history of gladiator fights – the Tigris of Gaul, he could be Onslaught, Conan the Cimmerian, Marv in the Sin City, Kull of Atlantis – basically a fighter at the top of his game – does not use much magic but just the physical skills.Here is a version of one such. The version might not fit the power level of your game so tune up accordingly if needed.

Gloranthan and Eastern Weapons

Elf, troll,dwarf, dragonewt and eastern weapons (non official versions) have been added to the selection of weapons. Have you wanted to roll a disorder keg down the corridor against the attacking trolls – here is your chance. Volley of blunderbuss fire to clear out the too far extended tunnels of the Sazdorf clan – fire away. Have you wished to bash in the skull of these pesky Mostali aberrations with your troll maul – your wish has come true. Have you wanted to draw your klanth and embed into the stealers of draconic secrets – that can be done now. Have your Vormaini pirates missed their katana, naginata and the long forgotten yari – now they are here. Yari-nage, Chokin, utuma – all exist now. You can select now two new categories in the templates – Gloranthan and Eastern weapons.

The weapon calculations now also take into account the size of the wielder.

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