Mythras Healing and Wounds Quick Reference Chart Updated

Small updates to the Healing and Wounds quick chart.

Added often seen rules interpretations / house rules as a separate line

  • First aid versus multiple locations
  • Progressive Folk Magic

Clarified First Aid and Healing column in a few places. Added small clarification to Healing skill

Added Heroic Last Action reminder in the Major Wounds.

Added Unconsciousness vs First Aid and Healing in the rows where they apply.

Added separate Unconsciousness row but so far only added First Aid to it

You can find the 1.9 version of the charts (see the title not the name of the file)

Pursuits and Chases Quick Reference for Mythras Companion

Mythras Companion is very useful addition to Mythras RAW. My favourite part of it are the 12 pages of rules for Pursuits and Chases. They are really versatile and can be used for all kinds of chases – by horse, elephant, boat, land vehicle or by foot. You can create pretty much any of the chase sequences from movies or books with the rules with relatively little effort.

One thing they currently lack is a quick reference so I decided to create one. There are two pages: the sequence page shows the round sequence for the chase with pointers to Mythras Companion pages for rules and tables.

The second page helps with special effects selection- with almost 30 special effects to choose from the page divides them into several categories cross referenced with what situation the special effect can be chosen.

There are targeted special effects that are grouped into categories of

  • Harm Opponent – for example Trample, Scrape off
  • Affect Opponent’s Movement for example – Drop Obstacle
  • Affect opponent’s vehicle – for example Ramming

There are non targeted special effects that are grouped into

  • Affect my position – for example Cut Ahead, Break Hard
  • Affect my situation – for example Regain Control, Bail out

The above special effects are cross referenced when they can be used against opponent

  • Next behind
  • Next ahead
  • Neck and neck

and so on.

You will need the Mythras Companion rules to reference the chase rules and special effects. The quick reference contains pointers to the rule pages You will find the chase quick reference as pdf here. I recommend trying out the MC rules for chase, they have been very enjoyable on a rooftop chase and boat chase on my campaign.

Here is a picture of the Chase Sequence page.

and here are the special effects.

Anaxial’s Manifest Studied – MeG Learns New Creatures

Looking at the latest version of tome from the remains of Anaxial – the Anaxial’s Manifest written by the indomitable Jamie Revell – MeG has been studied and new creatures uncrated and created and old ones updated. The creatures are set in Gloranthan world but many of them could be elsewhere as well.

Here are the new creatures:

  • Kumanku Elephant
  • Narwhal
  • Shell Deer
  • Leucrota
  • Li-Lung Eastern Dream Dragon, Small
  • Li-Lung Eastern Dream Dragon, Large
  • Li-Lung Eastern Dream Dragon, Ancient
  • Scitalis
  • Symerv – Flying Dog
  • Xue-Yan, Walrus of the East
  • Yale – Horse Antelope
  • Hrimthur – Glacier Giant, Initiate, Acolyte
  • Kilin
  • Parander – Spirit Deer
  • Tilnta – Children of Goddess of Love

and here are the updated ones:

  • Eogyrin
  • Glyptodon
  • Gorg
  • Shovel Tusker
  • Uintal
  • Updated: Megalonyx
  • Vangono’s Horror
  • Bronze Goat
  • Carmanian Griffin
  • Devouring Fangtooth
  • Flint Cat
  • Granite Rhino
  • Nur-San
  • Parenling
  • Giant Worm – Quenlarg
  • Shen Lung
  • Storm Tiger
  • Vug
  • Sedrali – male
  • Sedrali – female
  • Certamus – Sky Warrior
  • Wind Ram/Cloud Ram
  • Destixin – Lunar Flamingo (Black Form)
  • Destixin – Lunar Flamingo (Red Form)
  • Erenxi
  • Eskaval
  • Fire Bear
  • Jukhar
  • Monoceros

You will find the creatures in Mythras Encounter Generator by entering the name in the search bar. MeG is introduced here and it has user guides here

Take a look and surprise your players. For example Kilin, Vug and Fire Bear might be interesting foes.

Mythras Core Rulebook Extended Table of Contents

Here is for all new (and perhaps also old) Mythras Gamesmasters a very extended version of Mythras Core Rulebook Table of Contents as a pdf. It could be useful when trying to find a rule. You will need a version of the Core Rulebook as all the page numbers refer to that (except the ones on the very first page, which are page numbers for this Table of Contents). The additions at the end from Examples entry forward could also be used separately.

It contains table of contents that contains all the chapter headings from the Core Rulebook. Within the main table of contents all the optional rules are marked with italics

It also has few additional items with few examples below.

All the examples of the book gathered into separate table of contents

All the non human character creations as a separate table of contents

All the grey boxes (notes) as a separate table of contents

All the tables as a separate table of contents

All the optional rules as a separate table of contents

The main GM Design Choices as a table of contents. This is a list that GM could use which rules components to define/refine when designing their world.

It also has a lists section which has a list plus page reference for list entries for each list in the book. Few examples below

  • Careers
  • Close combat mechanics
  • Combat Actions
  • Creature Combat
  • Creatures
  • Folk Magic Spells
  • Mysticism Talents
  • Professional skills
  • Ranged Combat
  • Sorcery Components
  • Sorcery Spells
  • Special effects
  • Spirit Abilities
  • Spirit Combat Special Effects
  • Standard Skills
  • Theism Miracles

It also has index pages for rules that are commonly used nearby each other or related to each other

  • Healing, Wounds and Fatigue

  • Movement and Combat
  • Passions

At the end is a page for rules and if there are any tools for that in my charts and tables.

  • Tools and Tables

The Mythras Extended Table of Contents can be found here The index section will be still revised in look and feel a bit later on. Constructive criticism welcome.

Passion Spirits Get Some Love in MeG

The passion spirits have received an update. Now the spirits passions are described more fully in the encounters generated from the spirit template.

The descriptions contain both passions from RAW and similar ones or expanded from Mythic Babylon.

Spirits also have now the proper intensity passions as per RAW and Mythic Babylon.

Their rank has also been updated where necessary.

Passion Spirits for Darkness and Death have also been updated to use these descriptions and the Spirit Rune specific abilities for those passion spirits have been tweaked.

You will find the passion spirits by searching with search word passion in the home page of the Mythras Encounter Generator. The Babylonian passion spirits are described nicely in Mythic Babylon page 266 and the passion spirits themselves at RAW pg 144-145

The following spirits have been updated

You will find more about Mythras Encounter Generator here and the usage instructions for it here