Passion Spirits Get Some Love in MeG

The passion spirits have received an update. Now the spirits passions are described more fully in the encounters generated from the spirit template.

The descriptions contain both passions from RAW and similar ones or expanded from Mythic Babylon.

Spirits also have now the proper intensity passions as per RAW and Mythic Babylon.

Their rank has also been updated where necessary.

Passion Spirits for Darkness and Death have also been updated to use these descriptions and the Spirit Rune specific abilities for those passion spirits have been tweaked.

You will find the passion spirits by searching with search word passion in the home page of the Mythras Encounter Generator. The Babylonian passion spirits are described nicely in Mythic Babylon page 266 and the passion spirits themselves at RAW pg 144-145

The following spirits have been updated

You will find more about Mythras Encounter Generator here and the usage instructions for it here

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