Mythras Core Rulebook Extended Table of Contents

Here is for all new (and perhaps also old) Mythras Gamesmasters a very extended version of Mythras Core Rulebook Table of Contents as a pdf. It could be useful when trying to find a rule. You will need a version of the Core Rulebook as all the page numbers refer to that (except the ones on the very first page, which are page numbers for this Table of Contents). The additions at the end from Examples entry forward could also be used separately.

It contains table of contents that contains all the chapter headings from the Core Rulebook. Within the main table of contents all the optional rules are marked with italics

It also has few additional items with few examples below.

All the examples of the book gathered into separate table of contents

All the non human character creations as a separate table of contents

All the grey boxes (notes) as a separate table of contents

All the tables as a separate table of contents

All the optional rules as a separate table of contents

The main GM Design Choices as a table of contents. This is a list that GM could use which rules components to define/refine when designing their world.

It also has a lists section which has a list plus page reference for list entries for each list in the book. Few examples below

  • Careers
  • Close combat mechanics
  • Combat Actions
  • Creature Combat
  • Creatures
  • Folk Magic Spells
  • Mysticism Talents
  • Professional skills
  • Ranged Combat
  • Sorcery Components
  • Sorcery Spells
  • Special effects
  • Spirit Abilities
  • Spirit Combat Special Effects
  • Standard Skills
  • Theism Miracles

It also has index pages for rules that are commonly used nearby each other or related to each other

  • Healing, Wounds and Fatigue

  • Movement and Combat
  • Passions

At the end is a page for rules and if there are any tools for that in my charts and tables.

  • Tools and Tables

The Mythras Extended Table of Contents can be found here The index section will be still revised in look and feel a bit later on. Constructive criticism welcome.

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