Tactics of selecting combat special effects in Mythras – a result based visualisation – next generation

After using the result based visualization and listening to feedback – here is an update on how to select the special effects.

Changes are

  • it fits into a single a4 – one for offensive and one for defensive special effects.
  • strangle special effect from Fioracitta added
  • all the special effects that are firearms only – marked so

How I use this – I printed it out and put it under plastic protective sheet – one to each side and a stiff cardboard in between. Now it is easy to keep on the table, text is big enough to see even on a4 and you are looking only at 1 a4 instead of 4.

Here are the defensive special effects and here the offensive special effects.

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Name Hannu Kokko Profession a software development leader, currently working at Elisa as Head of Software Product Development, Smart Energy Solutions. As a secondary occupation a Principal Consultant at Kohilleen Consulting - RD leadership consultancy business. In working life Working in large scale agile software development and architecture are close to my heart and practiced daily. Large scale here is anything involving dozens of teams working for the same release. Continuous integration as a cornerstone of making agile development feasible and to help keep the rhythm has been in my focus for quite a bit. In private life I enjoy photography and seeing new places and cultures.

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