So You Want to Command A Pirate Fleet

Here are a number of ships for you to add to your navy.

Ship generator from Tools of Notes From Pavis has been enhanced with ship damage, armour points and other fine tunings .

In addition it is now possible to select ships to generate directly

  • Vadeli Merchant
  • Wolf Pirate
  • Uz Ship (Black Galley)
  • Suam Chow Junk
  • Suam Chow Barge
  • Quinpolic Trireme
  • Quinpolic Cog
  • OzurBay Longship
  • Maslo Sambuk
  • Maslo Penteconter Catamaran
  • Malki Dromond
  • Kyrenae from the Right Arm Islands
  • Kareeshtu Xebec
  • Kareeshtu War Sail
  • Holy Country Trireme
  • Haragala Tall Ship
  • Haragala Mechant
  • Elf Gallegas
  • Afadjanni Sambuk
Here is an example of a Wolf Pirate ship
Ship – WolfPirate
Ship from Glorantha. Weather and trade routes from Guide to Glorantha and Men at Sea. Ships from all Gloranthan supplements. Ship rules from Ships and Shieldwalls. Ship reputation and names from Raging Swan Press publications.

Sharp Fallen, Large Wolf Pirate Longship
Hitpoints: 23 Seaworthiness: 50 Range: max 5 days. Capacity: 20 tons. MR: 15(10)km/hour.
Beam: 5 meters. Draft: 2.5m Length: 28m: Freeboard::1m ArmourPoints: 4 Damage: 2d6

Captain: Bera daughter of Torberta Command: Green 46 Seamanship: Green 41 Navigation: Green 44 Oratory: Green 31
Seasoned Crew of 54 as rowers, 5 officers and a captain
Unit type: Unreliable Neophytes – dragging their feet
Competency: Veteran 73 Morale: Unwavering 110
Unit Passions: Loyalty to Commander 102 Hate Enemy nation 53
Unit Trait: Skirmish Formation Fighting: (Line Circle Wedge) Shield wall: (Line Phalanx Circle Tortoise) .
Ship Condition: Seaworthy. Repair and refit modifier x1. Range -25%
Reputation: Not seaworthy
20% Lentils 30% Wine from Teleos 30% Cloth from Fonrit 20% Herbs from Fonrit


These are available from my new sub site named Notes From Pavis Tools and is accessed via . If the link does not work – type to your browser’s search bar.

Earlier updates on the tooling are here and for the Bad night at the port in Fonrit and Sailing to Fonrit

The Sea, The Sea – Gloranthan Ships for RQ6

Glorantha has inspired a largish variety of ships and maritime vessels over time. Most of the sources are out of print, out of date or incomplete. Some of them are not even canon anymore. I decided to gather all of the ships and maritime vessels that have been published and update them to the latest of the ship rules – the gem of a rulebook called Ships & Shieldwalls for RQ6.

Here are the ships The list contains also the physical size information about the ships that has been gathered from all the source material or extrapolated from other ships.


The full list is here

  • Raft, Small
  • Kayak
  • Dugout
  • Rowing Boat
  • War Canoe
  • Small Fishing Boat or Ski
  • Raft, Large
  • Reed Galley
  • River Transport
  • Viking Longboat
  • Small Merchantman/Cog
  • Small Galley
  • Medium Merchantman
  • Bireme
  • Trireme
  • Large Merchantman
  • Hexareme
  • Grain Transport
  • Kareeshtu Warsail
  • Dwarf Floating Castle
  • Elf Gallegas
  • Knorr
  • Kobaya Support Ship
  • Large Cog
  • Maslo Catamaran
  • Seki-Bune Pirateship
  • Waertagi Fastship
  • Xebec
  • Wolf Pirate Penteconter
  • Kralori Barge
  • Black Galley – troll rowed
  • Black Galley – trollkin rowed
  • Black War Galley – Zorak Zoran
  • Haragalan Tallship (New)
  • Haragalan Tallship (Old)
  • Haragalan Tallship (Very Old)
  • Dragonewt Skeletal Ship
  • Submersible Sharkboat
  • Luvatan Merchant
  • Ratuki Requiem Galley
  • Haragalan Merchant
  • Dhow- small
  • Dromond
  • Fonritian Sambuk
  • Dwarven Submarine
  • Vadeli Merchant Ship
  • Duck Patrol Boat

Feedback welcome.

More Sea Monsters of Glorantha

Here is a taste of more sea monsters for RQ Encounter Generator  inspired by the excellent Hearts In Glorantha Collection, volume 1

There are many more monsters in the Hearts in Glorantha Collection – like Geysers, Whirlpools, Tentacled things and boatloads of enemies in the sea and scenario seeds.

More Sea Monsters are available here

Sea Monsters of Glorantha – Brief Overview

Summer is the time for frolicking in the sea. Here are a few sea monsters for RQ Encounter Generator inspired by an article about prehistoric sea monsters.

There are of course others

and or course Zeech, the Slithering Whale

Sea and Chaos: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Some of the more dangerous chaos things have still been missing in action for RQ Encounter Tool. Here is a gaggle – actually a Chaos Gaggle of them

They love a party so are usually always found together – to the detriment of characters who encounter them. These are based on Anaxial’s Annex version of them.

Here are some aquatic creatures for those who love adventures at sea.

In Kralorela there exist many kinds of Eastern Dragons – here is one variation of those

Aldryami forests are filled with creatures – here is one of the smallest of them

Lunar magicians can summon bodyguards – here is a relatively nasty variety of one of those that can be summoned