Sea and Chaos: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Some of the more dangerous chaos things have still been missing in action for RQ Encounter Tool. Here is a gaggle – actually a Chaos Gaggle of them

They love a party so are usually always found together – to the detriment of characters who encounter them. These are based on Anaxial’s Annex version of them.

Here are some aquatic creatures for those who love adventures at sea.

In Kralorela there exist many kinds of Eastern Dragons – here is one variation of those

Aldryami forests are filled with creatures – here is one of the smallest of them

Lunar magicians can summon bodyguards – here is a relatively nasty variety of one of those that can be summoned

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3 thoughts on “Sea and Chaos: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things”

  1. I enjoy your site and conversions. And you encounter generator got me out of a jam this past weekend, when you players jump in a different direction than the few I had planned for. a couple of minutes with your generator and I had a host of ogres to defend the ‘Grotto of Pocharngo’ from ‘River of Cradles’.
    I have a number of articles, conversions, and alternate rules that you might find interesting on my blog at


    1. Thanks. The RQ Encounter generator is the brainchild of skoll in designmechanism forums. Me and pruneau and many others have been creating the content. Your articles look interesting – have to dive in.


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