Gloranthan Cult One Pagers – Renewed Main page

Gloranthan Cult One Pagers are an attempt to gather together in a single page (well sometimes two pages) format the main cult information. Currently there are more than 150 cults described. Your game system may vary (Runequest versions or even Heroquest) but you might still find something useful in here even if you are not using the exact same version of game system – this is material I have created for my campaign over the years.  It relies on multiple sources but might not be exactly canon even if I have tried to follow that as much as is useful for my campaign. Input is welcome.

There are two versions available – older (2017 edition) and the newer (2019 edition)

Gloranthan Cult One Pager contains the following parts (if I have been able to find out the information from a source or invented it in case of some)

  • Name and the main purpose of the cult
  • Runes
  • Requirements to Join initiate
  • Requirements to join – rune level
  • Cult skills
  • Folk magic for Initiates
  • Theist Miracles (Rune spells)
  • Pantheons the cult belongs to
  • Sources
  • Areas the cult (thru its Pantheon or otherwise) can be found
  • Personality traits that the runes of the cult expect members to personify
  • Opposite runes.
  • Enemy, Hostile, Friendly and Associated cults
  • Holy Days and High Holy Days
  • Spirit Societies the cult belongs to or is associated with
  • Totem animals the cult’s spells can command or speak to
Example of Glorantha Cult One Pager

The spells and skills part this is tuned for Adventures in Glorantha Preview on top of Mythras. If this does not suit your campaign system wise – disregard them or mod them to your heart’s content. For the spells and the description of the cults you will need to dive into Cult Compendium, Gods of Glorantha, Cults of Terror and Shadows in the Borderlands – at least.

Rest of the information is mostly if not all game system independent Glorantha information.

The links to sources of the spells is on the tools directory.

The links to original books are mentioned for the cults, you will need those books for detailed description of the cult, skills and spells. Many of the books and magazines are out of print but Moon Design Publications has a few and some others you may find thru, Amazon or eBay.

Cults available are grouped in the link underneath roughly by ‘pantheon’

All of the above will likely change during my campaign.

You will of course want to follow both the cult’s social guidance of who the enemies and friends (above) are and your cult’s rune personality guidance to emulate your cult’s god.

Gloranthan Cult One Pagers have now also pantheon specific summaries to be easily distributed to your players.

  • Pantheon Cult Catalogue
  • Pantheon Cult Relationships
  • Pantheon Cult Spell Catalogue
  • Pantheon Cult Personality Traits

These are stored in the pantheon directories together with Cult One Pagers.


So we have the cults in rough pantheon format


Chaos – Genertela with

Atyar, Bagog, Cacodemon, Devil’s Hand, Gark the Calm, Hungry Jack, Krarsht, Krjalk, Lemure, Mallia, Pocharngo, Primal Chaos, Ragnaglar, Seseine, Sidana, Taeterisus, Than, Thanatar, Thed, Tyram, Ulforg, Urain, Vakalta, Vivamort

Chaos – Pamaltela with

Atyar, Cacodemon, Gark the Calm, Gloomshark, Ikadz, Krarsht, Lemure, Mallia, Ompalam, Primal Chaos, Seseine, Sidana, Than, Thanatar, Thed, Urain, Vivamort


Ancestor Worship, Annilla, Aranea, Argan Argar, Gorakiki, Himile, Kyger Litor, Mee Vorala, Moorgarki, Subere, Tokaz Varaz, Xentha, Xiola Umbar, Zong, Zorak Zoran

East Isles

Hobimaron, Lumavoxoran, Saliligor


Aldrya, Babeester Gor, Flamal, Grain Goddesses, Mee Vorala, Voria, Yelmalio


Ancestor Worship, Basmol, Hungry Ghosts, Hakim & Mikyh, Telmor


Baraku, Blackfang, Bloody Tusk, Caladra & Aurelio, City God, Dorasta, Flintnail, Lamsabi, Selern, Sun Dragon and Um-Oradin


Black Sun, Dendara, Grain Goddesses, Hakim & Mikyh


Seven Mothers (Danfive Zaron, Irrippi Ontor, Jakaleel the Witch, Queen Deezola, She Who Waits. Tele Norri, Yanafal Tarsils), Annilla, Crimson Bat, Etyries, Lanbril


Dormal and Arkat


Burayha Xolagi (the Good Doctor), Calari the Hunter, El-Jazuli (the Earth Witch), Ennung, Ernamola, Evukindu, Garangordos the Wise, Hanjethulut (the Angry One), Ikadz, Jokotu the Liberator, Karkisso the Seer, Ompalam, Orjethulut


Ancestor Worship, Babeester Gor, Basmol, Bolongo, Lodril, Maran Gor, Nyanka, Pamalt, Rasout, Ty Kora Tek, Uleria


Ancestor Worship, Basmol, Dark Eater, Eiritha, Foundchild, Gagarth, Hungry Ghosts, Pavis, Storm Bull, Waha, Zola Fel


Annilla, Dormal, Magasta, Triolina, Tsankth, Wachaza


Ana Gor, Asrelia, Babeester Gor, Chalana Arroy, Donandar, Dormal, Ernalda, Eurmal, Gagarth, Grain Goddesses, Heler, Humakt, Hykim & Mikyh, Issaries, Lanbril, Lokarnos, Maran Gor, Mastakos, Odayla, Orlanth, Storm Bull, Ty Kora Tek, Uleria, Valind, Vinga, Waha, Ygg of Threestep and Yinkin




Chalana Arroy, Dendara, Donandar, Grain Goddesses, Lanbriul, Lodril, Lokarnos, Shargash, Uleria, Yelm, Yelmalio and Yelorna


Henird, Hiia the Swordsman, Jardan and Yu-Kargzant




Match Made in Heaven – Who are your Friends or Enemies – Gloranthan One Pagers meet Compatibility Chart

Glorantha has rich and diverse tradition of cults with enmities forged in times beyond Gods War and friendships made in Time. It is good to know who your cult’s traditional enemies are. If you do not follow the traditions of your cult’s relationships it will be that much more difficult to get ahead in the cult, not impossible but more difficult. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

The information here can make for tense moments in your party and in society in general. If your Blackfang assassin has managed to stay in good standing with your Zorak Zoran and Pavis fellow members it still might not be wise to let them know about your tight connections with Krarsht.

Cult Compendium has a great compatibility chart for finding out who your cult’s friends and enemies are. Currently it has 43 cults there.  I have now combined that information for those cults into easily digestible form into the Gloranthan One Pagers.


More information about what the one pagers are is in here: Gloranthan Cult One Pagers.

You will of course want to follow both the cult’s social guidance of who the enemies and friends (above) are and your cult’s rune personality guidance to emulate your cult’s god.

This is the initial list used to source the cult associations (this is from the Cult Compendium)

Aldrya,Aranea,Argan Argar,Bagog,Blackfang,Cacodemon,Caladra&Aurelion,Chalana Arroy,Crimson Bat,Daka Fal,Donandar,Eiritha,Flintnail,Foundchild,Frog Woman,Nysalor,Geo,Gorakiki,Humakt,Issaries,Krarsht,Kyger Litor,Lanbril,Lhankor Mhy,Lodril,Mallia,Orlanth,Pavis,Primal Chaos,River Horse,Seven Mothers,Storm Bull,Sun Dragon,Thanatar,Thed,Vivamort,Waha,Xiola Umbar,Yelm,Yelmalio,Yelorna,Zola Fel,Zorak Zoran,

Gloranthan Holy Days Calendar and Cult One Pagers

There are several versions of Gloranthan Holy Day calendars floating around. Soltakks has a nice one on his site among lots of other useful stuff and there exists a beautiful Theyalan rune calendar made by Nel – a Catalonian gamer with fluent Finnish – of all languages.

I wanted to have a complete calendar containing all the cults. It is A3 in size 🙂


This is a draft version with as many as I could find so far. There are a few cults that do not have holy days or have floating ones – those are not in here.

This list contains the cult by cult their holy and high holy days.

If you want to have the pantheon holy days in addition, please take a look at Nel’s calendar.

I added also the Holy Days and High Holy Days into the one pagers.

Kyger Litor One pager.png

More infor about what the one pagers are is in here: Gloranthan Cult One Pagers.

Gloranthan Cult One Pagers Personality and Rune update

Now the Gloranthan Cult One Pagers have been updated. Updates  consist of

Same goes for the Good Doctor, Fonritan healer god Burayha Xolani.

If you are not using Rune Affinities in your Runequest game you are missing a lot. Anyway in such a case replace the Rune Affinity requirement by Exhort or some similar Rune Magic skill.

The runes have been updated based on the research done in this document so should be up to date with the latest information. Changed Ompalam’s rune to be Law instead of Harmony.

Horoscope Personality Traits for Gloranthan Cults

Runequest and Glorantha recommend the character to act like one’s god. Cults and gods are associated with runes and many of the runes are associated with personality traits.  If character does not act like the runes one’s god represents she is not likely to succeed in Glorantha nor in the cult – in fact she might suffer the displeasure of the cult or one’s god.

Personality traits are from Heroquest Glorantha. I felt that there are some runes that should have personality trait information that do not officially have it and added those to Moon, Law, Unlife and Spirit as per discussions on the forums and Basicroleplaying Glorantha forums.

Here are the added personality traits:

  • Spirit: Ecstatic, Spiritual, Aware, Mystical
  • Unlife:  Soulless, Fiendish, Relentless, Cold
  • Law: Logical, Rigorous, Materialistic
  • Moon: Tolerant, Balanced

Orlanthi character has the runes Movement, Air and Mastery. Those will bring the personality traits:

  • Mastery: Proud, Just, Authorative
  • Movement: Adventurous, Dynamic, Impulsive, Reckless,
  • Air: Passionate, Proud, Unpredictable and Violent.

If one acts against those  that might cause divine unpleasure and society’s unapproval for not emulating one’s cult / god and vice versa. Depending on game system this can be handled many ways.

This brings expectations that player characters might also have about the cult members in Glorantha.

Decided to create a document providing a single page view what each cult’s runes would expect from cult initiate or rune lord

The list contains all the cults that have Glorantha Cult One Pagers which means all the ones that have cult information in various Runequest editions (Cults Compendium, Cults of Terror, Cults of Prax etc). The runes have been updated based on the research done in this document so should be up to date with the latest information. Changed Ompalam’s rune to be Law instead of Harmony. Gloranthan Cult One pagers will be updated shortly with this information.