Mythras Campaign Rule Setup Tool

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Mythras can be considered as a very flexible toolkit for setting up your campaign. This gives enormous power to shape the campaign rules to fit the campaign content and mood. It also gives new GMs a question: Which options I need to setup and how do I communicate which rules are in effect. Mythras has a large array of settings and scenarios which bring in additional and optional rules and systems. YMMV – Your Mythras May Vary but what can I change and are there any consequences of the change.

To answer this question there is a new tool NOMCORSS (NotesFromPavis Opinionated Mythras Campaign Optional Rule Setup Sheet). It is an excel sheet which gives the GM a worksheet to select which optional rules are in effect in his/her particular campaign.

The first version is for before firepower age campaigns and should contain all RAW options and some popular Mythras house rules and setting rules that you can select for your campaign.

Here is an example of opinionated setup for campaign tools.

Display sheet top part

Display sheet the bottom part

If you are starting your first campaign with Mythras – you can accept the default rules or just tweak a couple. Tweaking increases color but may increase learning curve for new players. Take a look at judgmental prework effort for GM and learning effort for players columns. You can always add more options later. Mythras is fun with the opinionated defaults as with many of them differing from the defaults.

Due to obscure but documented Excel bug – please do not sort anything on the Main tab. Do all the sorting on the Display tab.

Just select for each of the rows in green column if you want to change the rule from the opinionated default. If there is nothing to select then write to the yellow column row. You can add your comments on the yellow row anyway.

You need to have own the various supplements it refers to if you want to use the rules mentioned here (every rule option reference points to the supplement and page).

Main page to edit the values top half

Print out the display sheet to your players if you want to.

The first version of the tool is here.

Here is an example of my campaign’s selections

My campaign edit screen top third

My campaign edit screen middle third

My campaign edit screen lower third

This tool will be updated later on…

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