NOMCORSS Mythras Campaign Rules Setup Tool goes Lyonesse, Perceforest and Mythic Britain

Mythras system is truly a toolkit. NOMCORSS (NotesFromPavis Opinionated Mythras Campaign Optional Rule Setup Sheet) tries to gather together all the Mythras rules options from all of the Mythras supplements with sensible (perhaps opinionated) default options. Version 1.3 contains now almost 200 (well 194) rule selection one can do – the new supplements added are Lyonesse,Mythic Britain,Mythic Britain,Perceforest Logres,Waterlands,Perceforest.

There are now very many tool selections that you can do. Excel filters will be your friend – filter by category, perhaps then by topic. Remember all the edits are done on the first (Main) sheet (do not sort there). All the sorting should be done on Display sheet.

It is an excel sheet which gives the GM a worksheet to select which optional rules are in effect in his/her particular campaign. Excel is starting to be somewhat unwieldy and will need to be refactored.

You need to have own the various supplements it refers to if you want to use the rules mentioned here (every rule option reference points to the supplement and page).

The file is here

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