Starting a Glorantha RQ6 campaign (before Adventures in Glorantha)

Many times it is asked what would be a good way to get started with Glorantha and RQ6. There are many possible paths but here is one: See generic introduction to Glorantha Get one of the classic campaigns from Moon Design

  • 1. Borderlands and Beyond
  • 2. Pavis and Big Rubble
  • 3. Griffin Mountain

If you are completely new to Glorantha – the above would be roughly my preference order. All of these will have their stats in Rq2 format and their cults in Rq2 format. For the RQ6 stats go to RQ Encounter Generator and either search for parties or enemies to generate or create your own based on the templates.

For what is possible check the party encounters Quiet Night at Gimpy’s for Pavis encounter or Monster Island daily event. You could also just pick either enemies or parties page and press “I feel lucky” for some random encounter.

For the cults – visit Glorantha Cult One pagers and get the Cult Compendium from Moon Design. After the initial campaign on some of the above you might turn into Sartar Kingdom of Heroes/ Sartar Companion and the new Pavis book from Moon Design. They have their stats in HW but you can use the above generator to create the stats.

Cultural information and background is explained in really useful and concise format in Gloranthan Voices material.

Pick a culture (or two) for starters.

Monster Island by the Design Mechanism is a superb supplement and you can fit it nicely as the isle of Loral. Useful charts for GM’s exist here  and here

Guide to Glorantha from Moon Design Publications is now published. It is glorious and large – it will be useful for any GM in Glorantha but is completely system agnostic – no rules or stats there.

Every one of us is waiting for Adventures in Glorantha (AIG) from Loz and Pete but meanwhile you can easily game in Glorantha with the above tips.

For another view see the guest posts Skoll’s excellent article  and Tom’s wonderful piece on possibilities in Glorantha gaming. Take a look also at Joerg Baumgartner’s excellent view how to start gaming in Glorantha

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8 thoughts on “Starting a Glorantha RQ6 campaign (before Adventures in Glorantha)”

  1. I’ve just started a classic Pavis & Rubble adventuring campaign with RQ6.
    Your resources (as the onepagers) and the encounter generator are being extremely valuable.
    But there I have problems with an specific issue: The magic items, and specifically the typical RQIII gloranthan ones, as the different types of crystals, the enchanted metals and the truestone, etc, seem a bit difficult to gauge.
    Specifically, RQ6 seems to significantly reduce the “arms race” of divine magic, “utility spirits” and, overall, the Power points requirements for PCs.
    So I would like to know which is your take on this issue: How do you convert the crystals, metallic items enchantments, “power battery” spirits, etc… to RQ6 Glorantha?? Do you have any guidelines, tables or something?.

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  2. I have been very stingy in giving out magic items in the past and even more so now in RQ6. Currently I have no guidelines for this – you might want to take a look at one of the sorcery spells for storing POW – I have used that for many of the higher sorcerers in the RQ Encounter Generator. I have hesitated quite a bit on introducing magic storage crystals. Some of the magic items might not be applicable any more due to changed rules. Truestone I would like to have in place.


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