Fonritan update

Some new Fonritan enemies are now available in RQ Encounter Generator (for RQ6) (the creation of skoll at thedesignmechanism forum) The cult of Lamsabi has been turned to a (Mystic) Brotherhood of Lamsabi to get some variety to thief scene.

Following enemies can now be generated – initiates, acolytes and devotees for

  • Lamsabi
  • Hanjethulut – the Angry Warrior
  • Fida’ls the Fire bird
  • Ikadz the Truthmaker

Fonritan parties have been enhanced with the presence of the above where required New parties have been created

  • Afadjann Black Watch Patrol
  • Afadjann Hanjethulut Patrol
  • Afadjann Lamsabi Thieves
  • Afadjann Pursuers of Higher Truth
  • Afadjann Pursuers of Truth
  • Afadjanni Corsairs, Followers of Um-Oradin
  • Major Shrines for Burayha Xolani, Garangordos,Karkisso the Seer, Ompalam, Orjethulut and Um-Oradin

…with more to come

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