Pursuits and Chases Quick Reference for Mythras Companion

Mythras Companion is very useful addition to Mythras RAW. My favourite part of it are the 12 pages of rules for Pursuits and Chases. They are really versatile and can be used for all kinds of chases – by horse, elephant, boat, land vehicle or by foot. You can create pretty much any of the chase sequences from movies or books with the rules with relatively little effort.

One thing they currently lack is a quick reference so I decided to create one. There are two pages: the sequence page shows the round sequence for the chase with pointers to Mythras Companion pages for rules and tables.

The second page helps with special effects selection- with almost 30 special effects to choose from the page divides them into several categories cross referenced with what situation the special effect can be chosen.

There are targeted special effects that are grouped into categories of

  • Harm Opponent – for example Trample, Scrape off
  • Affect Opponent’s Movement for example – Drop Obstacle
  • Affect opponent’s vehicle – for example Ramming

There are non targeted special effects that are grouped into

  • Affect my position – for example Cut Ahead, Break Hard
  • Affect my situation – for example Regain Control, Bail out

The above special effects are cross referenced when they can be used against opponent

  • Next behind
  • Next ahead
  • Neck and neck

and so on.

You will need the Mythras Companion rules to reference the chase rules and special effects. The quick reference contains pointers to the rule pages You will find the chase quick reference as pdf here. I recommend trying out the MC rules for chase, they have been very enjoyable on a rooftop chase and boat chase on my campaign.

Here is a picture of the Chase Sequence page.

and here are the special effects.

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