Combat Style Encyclopedia Goes Mediterranean

Mediterranea Mitico is a Spanish language setting for Mythic Mediterranean. It contains cultures and settings for nations and tribes around Mediterranean in the ancient period.

I translated the combat styles from it for the Combat Style Encyclopaedia. Combat Style is a combination of weapons that a culture or organisation trains to be effectively used together. Combat Style usually include one or much more rarely more than one Combat Style Traits. Combat Style Cards are quick reference cards which show examples of such styles together with weapon statistics and how this combination of weapons interacts with Combat Special Effects. 

Here is the list of the Mediterranean Mitico styles

Carthaginian HopliteMediterranean – Carthage
Libyan HorsemanMediterranean – Carthage
Punic SorceressMediterranean – Carthage
Sidonian MarineMediterranean – Carthage
Celtic BerserkerMediterranean – Celtic
Clan WarriorMediterranean – Celtic
Highland HunterMediterranean – Celtic
AurigaMediterranean – Egyptian
Egyptian InfantrymanMediterranean – Egyptian
Sais ArcherMediterranean – Egyptian
Citizen HopliteMediterranean – Greece
Cretan ArcherMediterranean – Greece
Ionian PeltastaMediterranean – Greece
Macedonian HorsemanMediterranean – Greece
Protector of the HeliopolisMediterranean – Greece
Balearic SlingerMediterranean – Iberian
Bastetano WarriorMediterranean – Iberian
Turdetano ArcherMediterranean – Iberian
Desert HunterMediterranean – Nubian
Kushite ArcherMediterranean – Nubian
Napatian WarriorMediterranean – Nubian
Bully of the BunchMediterranean – Other
Ebon MercenaryMediterranean – Other
Holy ManMediterranean – Other
Mede HorsemanMediterranean – Persian
Persian Royal GuardMediterranean – Persian
Philistine RaiderMediterranean – Persian
SparabaraMediterranean – Persian
EquitesMediterranean – Roman
Roman LegionaryMediterranean – Roman
VelitesMediterranean – Roman
Nomad HeadhunterMediterranean – Scythian
Scythian RaiderMediterranean – Scythian
Scythian SpearmanMediterranean – Scythian

There are now 619 Combat Styles and 108 Combat Style Traits from the following sources.

Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass
Blood Rock – Scenario
Broch Goddarth – Scenario
Campaign – A Monster Island Campaign
Campaign – A Mythic Britain Campaign
Campaign – Fan material for Hyborean campaign from RangerDan
Campaign – Gramnaster’s Sengoku campaign
Campaign – Notesfrompavis Glorantha Campaign
Campaign – Sofia of the Ironlands’s Campaign
Design Mechanism: A Bird In the Hand
Design Mechanism: Adventures in Glorantha
Design Mechanism: Arakoline Tribute
Design Mechanism: Book of Quests
Design Mechanism: Fioracitta
Design Mechanism: Hessaret’s Treasure
Design Mechanism: Khakun Shrugs
Design Mechanism: Logres
Design Mechanism: Lyonesse
Design Mechanism: Meeros Doomed
Design Mechanism: Monster Island
Design Mechanism: Mythic Babylon
Design Mechanism: Mythic Britain
Design Mechanism: Mythic Constantinople
Design Mechanism: Mythic Rome
Design Mechanism: Mythras
Design Mechanism: Perceforest
Design Mechanism: Shores of Korantia
Diadochi Warlords
Fioracitta GenCon Scenario
From Mythras Reddit
Mediterranea Mitico
Mjollnir’s Medieval Renaissance
RQ Vikings
Savage Swords Against Necromancer – Scenario
Stupor Mundi – Alephtar Games
Unapproachable – Scenario
Weird of Hali

Here are the combat styles for Mediterranea Mimic:

Mediterranean – CarthageCarthaginian Hoplite
Mediterranean – CarthageLibyan Horseman
Mediterranean – CarthagePunic Sorceress
Mediterranean – CarthageSidonian Marine
Mediterranean – CelticCeltic Berserker
Mediterranean – CelticClan Warrior
Mediterranean – CelticHighland Hunter
Mediterranean – EgyptianAuriga
Mediterranean – EgyptianEgyptian Infantryman
Mediterranean – EgyptianSais Archer
Mediterranean – GreeceCitizen Hoplite
Mediterranean – GreeceCretan Archer
Mediterranean – GreeceIonian Peltasta
Mediterranean – GreeceMacedonian Horseman
Mediterranean – GreeceProtector of the Heliopolis
Mediterranean – IberianBalearic Slinger
Mediterranean – IberianBastetano Warrior
Mediterranean – IberianTurdetano Archer
Mediterranean – NubianDesert Hunter
Mediterranean – NubianKushite Archer
Mediterranean – NubianNapatian Warrior
Mediterranean – OtherBully of the Bunch
Mediterranean – OtherEbon Mercenary
Mediterranean – OtherHoly Man
Mediterranean – PersianMede Horseman
Mediterranean – PersianPersian Royal Guard
Mediterranean – PersianPhilistine Raider
Mediterranean – PersianSparabara
Mediterranean – RomanEquites
Mediterranean – RomanRoman Legionary
Mediterranean – RomanVelites
Mediterranean – ScythianNomad Headhunter
Mediterranean – ScythianScythian Raider
Mediterranean – ScythianScythian Spearman

I would like to reach the authors of Mediterranean Mitico but have not found a route for that. If somebody knows how to reach them – please let them know I am trying to reach them.

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