Gloranthan Cult Onepagers – Main page

There is renewed Gloranthan cult Onepagers page here.

Gloranthan Cult Onepagers are one page summary of skills, folk magic and theist miracles / rune spells for most Gloranthan cults – list now contains 140+ cults or major sub cults (7 Mothers, Aldrya) with their own one pager.

For each cult or spirit society source is mentioned for the spell,miracle / rune spell or skill that is not found in current RQ6 rules.  Criteria for initiate, acolyte and rune status is mentioned as well.

There are two varieties :

The latter can be used as easily as the former – the newer (AiG) one will be updated frequently – the older one not any more.

For the spells and the description of the cults you will need to dive into Cult Compendium, Gods of Glorantha and Shadows in the Borderlands – at least.

The links to sources of the spells is on the tools directory.

The links to original books are mentioned for the cults, you will need those books for detailed description of the cult, skills and spells. Many of the books and magazines are out of print but Moon Design Publications has a few and some others you may find thru, Amazon or eBay.

All of this will be superseded by the official rules once Chaosium Glorantha is out.

Cults available are grouped in the link underneath roughly by ‘pantheon’

All of the above will likely change during my campaign and has gone thru just initial tuning.

For spell conversions take a look at gloranthaphiles more detailed conversion.

AIG version

This is the one that contains the latest and greatest updates.

RQ6 RAW version (not being updated any more)

The cult files for RQ6 RAW version are here.  Tools and charts are here

Zip file of all cult files for RQ6 RAW is now available (not being updated anymore) PDF file of all cult files is now available by popular request.

Here is a small quick reference list that I created for finding where all the spells that are not defined in RQ6 are defined in various Gloranthan sources.

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  3. Hi thre – cheers for all the work!

    Do you have a zip file so I can grab all the PDF’s rather than via Google drive please (we use Drop box)




  4. I’d also be interested in a zip file if/when you have a chance. Thanks!


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  10. “Gloranthan and Eastern Weapons for RQ6 V1.4” what type of file is this? I don’t see an extension and google docs doesn’t just open it…?



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