Mythic Rome Goes to War. Combat Style Cards for all Combat Styles in Mythic Rome

The directory based combat style cards have been replaced by Combat Style Card Encyclopaedia

Here are Combat Style Cards for playing Mythras in Mythic Rome.

Created all weapons for Mythic Rome and combat style cards for all of the combat styles in Mythic Rome

There now exist combat style cards for the following Mythic Rome styles

Mythic Rome overall

  • Samnite Gladiator
  • Gaul Gladiator
  • Thracian Gladiator
  • Retiarius Gladiator
  • Horseman Gladiator

Mythic Rome Pre 4th Century

  • Roman Cavalry – Pre 4th Century
  • Roman First Class Infantry – Pre 4th Century
  • Roman Second or Third Class Infantry – Pre 4th Century
  • Roman Fourth Class Infantry – Pre 4th Century
  • Roman Fifth Class Infantry – Pre 4th Century
  • Aequi or Volsci Warrior
  • Gallic Warrior
  • Gallic Fanatic
  • Gallic Charioteer
  • Gallic Cavalry

Mythic Rome 4th Century

  • Hastati and Principes 4th Century
  • Triarii 4th Century
  • Rorarii and Accensi 4th Century
  • Leves 4th Century
  • Samnite Heavy Infantry
  • Samnite Light Infantry
  • Samnite Cavalry
  • Heavy Gallic Infantry
  • Light Gallic Infantry
  • Gallic Charioteer 3rd-1st Century
  • Gallic Cavalry 3rd-1st Century
  • Heavy Macedonian Phalangite
  • Light Macedonian Phalangite
  • Macedonian Cavalry

Mythic Rome 3rd Century

  • Hastati and Principes 3rd Century
  • Triarii 3rd Century
  • Velites 3rd Century
  • Roman Cavalry 3rd Century

Mythic Rome Carthage 3rd Century

  • Libyan Phalangite
  • Iberian Swordsmen (Scutarii)
  • Iberian Skirmishers (Caetrati)
  • Iberian Cavalry
  • Numidian Cavalry
  • Elephant Cavalry

Mythic Rome Late Republic

  • Legionary
  • Legionary Officer
  • Auxilia Gallic or German Cavalry
  • Auxilia Mercenary Archer
  • Auxilia Balearic Mercenary Slinger

You can find the description for combat style cards here and the combat style cards themselves are here (see folders with names starting Mythic Rome). Altogether there should now be almost 450 Combat Style Cards for various periods. If you find that something important is missing that has been published, please inform.

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