Item for Monster Island Campaign – Dhatamuzzin’s Guide To Hummingbirds of Monster Island

Here is an item from my Mythras Monster Island Campaign. It is the very rare copy guide to Hummingbirds of Monster Island. It was carefully researches by brave ornithologist Dhatamuzzin – who was lost in his latest travel to upper reaches of cloud forest in Komombo area in search of new subspecies of Prophet Bird. He used large part of his considerable inherited wealth to finance expeditions to inner Monster Island. His collection of bird feathers is beyond compare and is now being cared for in a private museum in the provincial capital.

The book contains first hand observations of the rarity of the birds, their living areas and delicateness of the birds for feather removal. It also contains market value researched which might fluctuate mightily. There is a Mandahi and Varanri Shaman curses put on Dhatamuzzin for his over zealous research in the vicinity of tribal holy places.

The link is here

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