Pregenerated Characters for Mythras – Barbarians, City Priests and Thieves

Once in a while you need to be able to get the game started quickly and character generation while cool in itself can take a while, even a sizeable portion of the game session. So here the Encounter Generator comes to rescue

Here is a set of ready made characters roughly following the character generation process of Mythras (fits for RQ6 as well). It will create all of the skills for the professions and civilization types chosen, typical armor, all the combat style traits. It even contains the social class, background events, connections, information about parents, siblings and extended family and the family reputation. For Glorantha it also contains some bits of family history.

You will also find a few more pregenerated characters – most of them adhering to above

In the previous post I had already available

These can be generated in groups

The following new feature tables were added

  • Connections
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Extended Family
  • Social Class – Barbarian
  • Social Class – Civilized
  • Reputation
  • Background events

So now there is no excuse in getting the group around the table quickly into action in the game of Mythras.


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