RQ Encounter Generator: Cult update

RQ Encounter Generator (for RQ6) (the creation of skoll at thedesignmechanism forum) has a major new feature – cults (and spirit societies, mystic orders and sorcery orders) as a first class citizen.

Following cults have been created and appropriate enemies and parties enhanced with these:

Spirit worshipper to high shaman for bison, impala and rhino tribes. 

  • Storm Bull
  • Eiritha
  • Oakfed
  • Waha

From Initiate to Rune Lord/devotee


  • Kyger Litor
  • Zorak Zoran
  • Aranea
  • Argan Argar
  • Gorakiki Bee
  • Gorakiki Beetle
  • Gorakiki Locust
  • Gorakiki Moth
  • Moorgarki


  • Babeester Gor
  • Danfive Xaron
  • Dormal
  • Etyries
  • Evukindu
  • Gagarth
  • Humakt
  • Issaries
  • Lanbril
  • Lhankor Mhy
  • Maran Gor
  • Orlanth
  • Yanafal Tarsils
  • Yelmalio
  • Zola Fel


  • Magasta
  • Wachaza


  • Bagog
  • Cacodemon
  • Gark the Calm
  • Krarsht
  • Mallia
  • Seseine
  • Thed
  • Vivamort

appropriate parties have been updated and a few new ones created

All of the above have also the skills based on Glorantha Cult One Pagers

All sorcerers from Monster island and spirit societies for Kangi and Mandahi as well…

More cults will be added in the coming days.

Easy way to find these enemies is to filter by cult name on either the party or enemy page.

New parties have been created as well – among them are…

  • At Afadjann Masarin Residence
  • Aranea Spider Party
  • Doraddi on Warpath – Main Body, Pamaltela
  • Doraddi Raiding Party, Pamaltela
  • Earth Priestess Party
  • Earth Temple Guardians
  • Elf, Yellow Warder Forward Party
  • Elf, Yellow Warder Party
  • Etyries Caravan, Small
  • Mermen Warparty
  • Mermen Warparty, Magasta
  • Praxian Gagarth Bison Nomad Raiding Party
  • Scorpionmen Raiding Party
  • Scorpionmen Raiding Party, Bad News
  • Troll Gorakiki Bee Base
  • Troll Gorakiki Beetle Caravan
  • Troll Gorakiki Moth Base
  • Troll Warpary, Serious Business
  • Zola Fel Party

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