Questing for ultimate GM Screen for RQ6: Ranged Combat Situational Modifiers

In my search for ultimate GM screen for RQ6 I gathered together the ranged combat modifiers into one pager. The pdf exists here

Ranged Combat Situational Modifiers

Other charts that might be useful for GM Screen are here

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3 thoughts on “Questing for ultimate GM Screen for RQ6: Ranged Combat Situational Modifiers”

  1. Since the forum won’t let me reply to your post at I’d still really like to hear how it’s going, 5 months on.
    I admit, with RQ6 I’m deeply torn. Wanted to very much like the rules, I believe they are RQ’s best hope for modern-day success, and I think they have some great, great ideas/mechanics, but …. I just kept running into stuff that mechanically bothered me. In the last ‘gasp’ of my RQ6 effort before we drifted back to RQ3, I’d come up with a 2-page set of houserules that made it close to what I’d wanted. I’d be curious if you’ve developed more?


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