Encumbrance Calculator V2.1 is out for Mythras

The encumbrance calculator makes it easy to calculate the effect of encumbrance. This can be especially important when the players want to use heavy armor but their character or drag along multitude of equipment.

The following changes are in the new version:

Sheet has new look and feel.

  • it shows the selected worn armor, its ENC and APs
  • it shows the selected carried armor
  • it shows the selected weapons
  • it shows the selected equipment
  • and finally it shows the amount of loot ENC carried

The ENC limits are shown in a different way.

The effect on skills is shown and highlighted in more compact way.

With the CON added it shows how often to roll for endurance outside the fights.

Same, more importantly, shows how often you need to roll for endurance within the fight.

All the armor / material combinations from the standard book are included. The name informs the material.

If you select more from the worn armor than human has locations – it will give a warning message at the top. Same goes if you forgot to select all.

The armor rows show selectors for Milieu eras (prehistoric, ancient and so on) – so you can select the appropriate armor.

Material examples for each armor piece show various materials and there is a link or explanation for armor kind.

It should be now quite effortless to calculate the encumbrance.

The link is here Unfortunately it requires now Excel 2019…

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