30 Combat Style Cards added for Tozer – Old Bones Stomping Grounds

The directory based combat style cards have been replaced by Combat Style Card Encyclopaedia

Combat Style Cards aim to give players (and GMs) an easy way to access all the special effects and other info associated with their weapons and combat style at a glance.

There are some very nice sword and sorcery scenarios and additional tools material available from the stalwart Old Bones. Many of them are placed in Tozer, an area that can be readily transplanted to most any Sword and Sorcery campaign.

I created combat style cards for the 30 currently existing combat styles in those publications.They are of course indexed as the already existing styles. They include also couple of nifty Combat Style Traits that I will add to the encyclopedia of Combat Style Traits soon.

Here are the styles and they can be found in the Combat Style cards directory

Briarwood Thief
Claurin Knife-Thrower
Claurin Mercenary
Crafton Commoner
Dureshi Commoner
Dureshi Herder
Dureshi Mercenary
Grath Herder
Heavy Pit Fighter
Hilimyan Householder
Light Pit Fighter
Mountain Forester
Mountain Guard
Mountain Herder
Mountain Miner
Mountain Smith
Mountain Villager
Pit Keeper
Street Rat
Tinisford Villager
Tough Temptress
Tozerian Charioteer
Tozerian Commoner
Tozerian Farmer
Tozerian Infantry
Tozerian Socialite
Traveling Ground Fighter
Traveling Herder
Traveling Horse Warrior
Wealthy Fop

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