RQ6 Encounter Generator – April News (aka Fonrit special)

RQ Encounter Generator (for RQ6) (the creation of skoll at thedesignmechanism forum) has gone south – to Fonrit.

There are now multiple parties for Afadjann in Fonrit.

Following enemies can now be generated – initiates, acolytes and devotees for

  • Calari the Hunter – Junping Leopard Man
  • Ompalam the All knowing
  • Orjethulut – The Silent One
  • Garangordos the Wise
  • Evukindu the Warrior
  • Burayha Xolani – the Chirurgeon of Afadjann
  • Um-Oradin the Corsair God
  • Karkisso the Seer
  • and a gaggle of Afadjann Black Baboons for supporting cast

Fonritan parties have been enhanced with the presence of the above where required

New parties have been created

  • Afadjann Chirurgeon Party
  • Afadjann Doctors Without Limits
  • Afadjann Leopard Men on the Move
  • Afadjann Leopard Men on Silent Mission
  • Afadjann Ompalam Priests
  • Afadjann Patrol
  • Afadjann Police Hunter Patrol, Serious Business
  • Afadjann Slave Hunter Patrol

…with more to come

New features in program include

  • naming your enemies on the generated page (just click on a name)
  • favorites
  • new front page with just your favorites and a fast search
  • editable notes on the generated page




2 responses to “RQ6 Encounter Generator – April News (aka Fonrit special)

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