Let’s Spend the Night In the Wilderness – Importance Of Proper Camp Especially in the Monster Island

Here is a small chart to use when characters are traveling in wilderness. Bird in the Hand scenario brings in more detailed rules for finding shelter. If you do not know where a good shelter is your travel will get slower and there is a risk of having to sleep in the open.

The RAW rules state wearing suitable local clothing permits a character a grace period of their CON in hours before exposure sets in. The chart below shows the RAW rules for effect of being exposed to temperature ranges. The wonderful Hex Crawl rules in the scenario Bird In the Hand situated in the Monster Island enhance if you try to rest without proper tent or lean-to you risk exposure and there is no recovery of fatigue or natural healing.

In the jungle you will be wet most of the time either thru torrential afternoon rains, constant wetness of everything or the rivers. If you try to rest overnight without first drying yourself and without a fire and lean to or tent for the night – you are likely to get more and more fatigued. So if you try to sleep in a tree to avoid ground level predators (and encounter the higher order predators above) you are likely to not get rest unless you find a nice nest or build a tree house but how to keep warm there..

So even if there is no check required – there is no recovery of fatigue or natural healing unless you are sheltered.

.and the link to pdf is here

City Quarter Generator Goes To Glorantha

City Quarter Generator which generates city quarter for Mythic Constantinople era cities and generic fantasy cities now has the first versions of Gloranthan City quarters. There are two versions – Orlanthi City Quarter and Fonrit City Quarter.

Currently the Orlanthi City Quarter generates temples from the Storm Pantheon. Fonrit one generates from Ompalam pantheon. For this first version the probability of gods are even for the city quarter. There are only gods from a single pantheon in the city quarter. Major Temples are more rare, others are evenly distributed to appear. This also may change in the future. There might even be other pantheons appearing.

The contents of the temples are defines by Mythras ruleset – substitute your own favourite distribution and kinds of priests there. For example acolytes seem to come and go in the rulesets.

These would be most likely suitable for larger cities with tenements, multiple professions and stores and multiple temples. My campaign is in Fonrit where this seems to suit well.

Example of Fonrit City Quarter

Example of Orlanthi City Quarter

You can find the tool here

Mythras City Quarter Map Generator available now

I expanded the Mythras Constantinople generator to create city quarter maps in couple of additional ways.

The generator creates city quarter street map using Voronoi Tessellation. The maps could be suitable for many kinds of fantasy or even some medieval historical cities. It is using the rules from Mythic Constantinople city block generation and Mythras Core Rules temple creation rules. There is quite little that is rules specific so the maps could be usable by any rule system.

You have the options to create either Mythic Constantinople style maps or generic Fantasy Style maps.

For either you can get poor, middle class and upper class quarter maps down. Main differences will be the kind of structures, businesses, houses and their condition. The difference between Mythic Constantinople and Fantasy style cities are the religious institutions and affiliations of the quarters. You will also get sometimes special features, events and disasters for the quarter.

You will get a city street map with few houses and stores created. Other housing buildings and businesses probably would be similar.

You will also get a tabular picture giving more information for each created business, religious institution and housing building.

These are currently created using Plotly library and you can save them to your disk by using either screen capture or dragging the window big enough to show the entire map / table – you will get a menu on top of map or the table that gives you the opportunity to download it to disk. Currently there are technical limitations by the hosting provider that prevent me from offering direct map downloads.

You can find the Mythras City Quarter Generator here http://toolsfrompavis.com

Mythic Constantinopol City Quarter Generator for Mythras

A fellow Mythras fan asked me if it would be possible to create a city quarter generator based on Mythic Constantinople rules.

Here is the first version – it can only do Constantinople and only poor city quarters. More will probably come later and I will most likely do a more sword and sorcery oriented version later on.

The system is based on generating nodes. After generating a few nodes for a part of a city quarter you will draw the streets and alleys around them and then start sketching out the shape of the buildings. You can save the resulting files as .png files and then draw the needed roads, buildings around the nodes.

The tool can be found here

Lyonesse Combat Style Cards are here

So you always wanted to fight the Ska in Mythras Lyonesse. Really think you are able to do that. Here are some combat styles to practice. Beware – Ska are both intelligent, highly tactical as well as strategic and really strong in both individual and mass combat.

Here are 28 combat styles prevalent in Lyonesse – there are others but this is a starter.

You can find them in the pdf folder for Lyonesse with the rest of the combat style cards.

Celtic Hunter
Celtic Noble
Celtic Warrior
Festive Fellow Fisticuffs
Self Defence
Celtic Spearman
Hybras Citizen Militia
Hybras Mounted Knight
Hybras Foot Knight
Hybras Levied Archer
Hybras Ulfish Skirmisher
Hybras Street Thug
Ska Warrior
Ska Cavalry
Ska Mercenary
Itinerant Forest Bandit
Itinerant Noble Outlaw
Itinerant Furtive Footpad
Greenwood Raider
Not In My Gaff
Lyonesse Nobleman
Effete Duelist
Swer Mod Staffing
Faroli Fisticuffs
Ska Skirmisher
Ska Duelist
Vagabond Murder
Scolan Vengeance

The full set of Combat Style cards is explained here. There are now almost 200 of them.

Mythras Encounter Generator visits Lyonesse

As the year’s first post here are a few Lyonesse encounters.

Bearded Gryph

Hulk of Cam Brakes




Ska Warrior


For spirit beings only few links are put here as direct links. Rest of them can be found via MeG search for example with tag: Lyonesse


Small Lesser Darkling Greater Elder Ancient Elder


Small, Lesser, Willawen, Greater, Elder, Ancient Elder


Small, Lesser, Merrihew, Greater, Elder, Ancient Elder


Small, Lesser, Quist, Greater, Elder, Ancient Elder


Small, Lesser, Hyslop, Greater, Elder, Ancient Elder

Main page for Mythras Encounter Generator (MeG) is here – more than 3400 ready made templates for NPC – to be generated with just a click of a button

Starter resources summary for Mythras GM

Here is a starter set of resources for a Mythras GM. This is a subset of all resources available at NotesFromPavis blog.


Combat – special effects

Combat – others

Encounter generators

Other sources

Item for Monster Island Campaign – Dhatamuzzin’s Guide To Hummingbirds of Monster Island

Here is an item from my Mythras Monster Island Campaign. It is the very rare copy guide to Hummingbirds of Monster Island. It was carefully researches by brave ornithologist Dhatamuzzin – who was lost in his latest travel to upper reaches of cloud forest in Komombo area in search of new subspecies of Prophet Bird. He used large part of his considerable inherited wealth to finance expeditions to inner Monster Island. His collection of bird feathers is beyond compare and is now being cared for in a private museum in the provincial capital.

The book contains first hand observations of the rarity of the birds, their living areas and delicateness of the birds for feather removal. It also contains market value researched which might fluctuate mightily. There is a Mandahi and Varanri Shaman curses put on Dhatamuzzin for his over zealous research in the vicinity of tribal holy places.

The link is here

Combat Style Cards update – Meeros and Dwarven Combat Styles and Separation of Firearms combat styles

There is a small update on combat style cards. It contains now the Meeros Doomed combat styles. I added also a few Dwarven Combat Stylesinvented for Glorantha. I also updated all the cards separating all firearms related special effects to be applicable only for firearms. In addition there is now a strangle special effect from Fioracitta.

The new styles are for Meeros:

Brotherhood of Dust
Mercenary Infantry
Priestess of Myceras
Minotaur Gladiator
Kopashi Agent
Meerish Infantry
Meerish Slinger
Dark One Cultist

and for Dwarven

Dwarven Way of the Hammer
Dwarven Sound of the Axe
Dwarven Defender of the Wall
Dwarven Miner
Dwarven Crossbow Elite
Iron Dwarf Warrior
Dwarven Sapper
Nidan Iron Dwarf Rifleman

They can be found on the combat style card folder

Here is an example of Nidan Iron Dwarf Rifleman

The rest of the charts exist here.

There are other useful charts here