Gloranthan Cult One Pagers for Mythras

Updated cults main page exists here ! Updated cult descriptions, more cults. 

Created a draft one page summary of skills, folk magic and theist miracles for common Gloranthan cults.

For each cult or spirit society source is mentioned for the spell,miracle or skill that is not found in current RQ6 rules.  Criteria for initiate, acolyte and rune status is mentioned as well.

For the spells and the description of the cults you will need to dive into Cult Compendium, Gods of Glorantha and Strangers in Prax – at least.

All of this will be superseded by the official rules once AiG is out.

Cults available are

  • Aranea
  • Argan Argar
  • Asrelia
  • Atyar
  • Babeester Gor
  • Bagog
  • Blackfang
  • Cacodemon
  • Caladra & Aurelion
  • Chalana Arroy
  • Donandar
  • Dormal
  • Eiritha
  • Ernalda
  • Etyries
  • Ernalda
  • Etyries
  • Eurmal
  • Flintnail
  • Gorakiki
  • Humakt
  • Issaries
  • Krarsht
  • Kyger Litor
  • Lanbril
  • Lhankor Mhy
  • Lodril
  • Magasta
  • Mallia
  • Maran Gor
  • Odayla
  • Orlant
  • Pamalt
  • Pavis
  • Pocharngo
  • Storm Bull
  • Than
  • Thanatar
  • Thed
  • Triolina
  • Tsankht
  • Ty Kora Tek
  • Vivamor
  • Wachaza
  • Waha
  • Xiola Umbar
  • Yelm
  • Yelmalio
  • Yelorna
  • Zola Fel
  • Zorak Zoran
  • Shaman Spirit Society
  • Strombull Spirit Society
  • Horned Man Spirit Society
  • Mallia Spirit Society
  • Waha Spirit Society
  • Oakfed Spirit Society

All of the above will likely change during my campaign and has gone thru just initial tuning.

For spell conversions take a look at gloranthaphiles more detailed conversion.


Note: There is now a newer version of this post “Take two

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