Sorcery Calculator Does Fioricetta, Mythic Constantinople and Goes After the Vampire Wars

Sorcery Calculator has a major upgrade. Sorcery spells from Fioricetta – both the ordinary and illusionist kind have been added. Sorandib spells have been added as well as Mythic Constantinople. After the Vampire wars had a few interesting spells that have been added.

You can now select which set of sorcery spells you are using: RAW, RAW + Monster Island, RAW and all the others or everything.

For those that are strong in the force – one can now add up to 18 sorcery spells to the list if your intelligence matches that.

Some small UI tweaks here and there.


Spell names have an abbreviation which supplement they are from

More about sorcery tool here and here and even here and grimoires here and magical difficulty modifiers here

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