Updating the MeG Spirits – Sickness Spirits

I have started to update the older spirit encounters in MeG. Part of them were created pre-Mythras RQ6 and quite a few of them in the early days of MeG feature development.

I am starting with sickness spirits.

So what changes – Spirits will use newly refactored Spirit Abilities feature and use all of the Spirit Abilities from Mythras (3rd printing). They will use them by having them as “Spirit Abilities” feature in individual spirits. For the sickness spirits this will mean that they have Covert, Manifestation and Disease feature with references to the rulebook where necessary. All of the artefacts of older rules and MeG feature workarounds are updated to the current feature set. For example in earlier rule sets there was onset time for sickness to start, now that does not exist in current rule sets for spirits.

For each of the sickness spirit intensity levels from 1-4 there is added a randomised Disease condition available for sickness spirit (for that intensity level). For example for Sickness spirit intensity 1 there will be only one disease condition randomised.

For higher level intensities there is created all the variations of disease conditions. For example for level 2 there is sickness spirit intensity 2 (1+1) and sickness spirit intensity 2 (2) – first one will have two randomized disease conditions for level 1 and the second spirit will have only one with disease condition level 2.

For intensity 3 there will be three spirits – one with three first level conditions, one with one first level and one second level and one with one with one third level.

There are also a few parties created to generate

I have only currently created up to intensity 4 but that should be plenty enough for the opposition.

There will undoubtedly remain other disease and sickness spirits in MeG created by me. They might get updated or retired later as I get the time.

Other spirits will be updated one by one after summer season.

You will find the usual Mythras Encounter page here and useful charts here and a set of starting resources for Mythras GMS here

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