Questing Shamans and Beast Stampedes

There has been a few shaman party’s in the MeG but nothing for the questing shamans. Questing shamans are usually shamans or high shamans and they might be accompanied by their totem animals or a strong spirit guide.

Questing Shamans

Here are the first few questing shaman parties

For these strong spirit guides have been created.

Questing shamans appear also in the toolsfrompavis standard encounters.


Something, it might have been human hunting party, lightning, volcano or hungry predator has caused the herd animals to stampede

The are now modelled as Flocks (from Monster Island) in MeG. They can be found as Stampede in the Jungle and Stampede in the Savannah.

uses mainly herbivore saurians as the stampeding animals

uses currently only Mammoth as stampeding animals

uses bison or savannah buffalo

This is now also reflected in the toolsfrompavis standard encounters in Jungle.

You can generate encounters for your Mythras game easily with MeG

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