Pregenerated Characters for Fonrit for Mythras

Sometimes you just need a bit more variety on the kind of characters that people take up.

Here is larger variety of pregenerated starting characters for Encounter Generator .

These are useful for those times when you just do not have time to go thru the character generation process. The reasons why (TPK, party member died in the middle of the game, surprise additional player…) are many. These follow the same principles than in the previous pregeneration articles (Standard Barbarians, Nomad Herders and Warriors, Barbarians, City Thieves and Priests, Esrolia, Balazar, Hsunchern – Civilization vs Primitives and Larger Variety of Pregenerated Characters for Esrolia and Sartar) that were usable for example in Pavis and Sartar.

This article expands still more the scope beyond those standard areas to guests who might arrive.

Fonrit is one of the more intriguing areas in Glorantha. Background for creating characters in Fonrit can be found here. Here is a set of pregenerated characters for a game in a land where deceit is the new normal, trust was sacrificed centuries ago, colors are bright, conspiracy and assassinations are on the menu every day, Renewed battle for the (relative) freedom for slaves and Oldsters try to uphold the oppression and Vadeli are your friends while Silence is not.

You can generate a group of them by generating

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