Fonrit Background and Culture for Players

Fonrit Background

Fonrit is one of the most intriguing places in Glorantha.

The authoritative source is of course Guide to Glorantha. In Volume 1 there exists a detailed description of the culture of Fonrit and in Volume 2 description of the places.

Fonritan Culture for Mythras

Fonritan greeting:  “I am a slave of mighty (name), from the city of (X). Who is your master, stranger?”


Social Class

01-05 Masarin
        01-05  Treat as Ruling from Civilized for possessions
        06-30  Treat as Aristocracy from Civilized for possessions
        31-95  Treat as Gentry from Civilized for possessions
        95-00  Treat as Outcast from Civilized for possessions
06-10 Slave Soldier
        Treat as Slave from Civilized for possessions
11-30 Yad Slave
        01-40 Landowner or Steward (treat as Gentry from Civilized for possessions)
        41-60 Outcast
        61-00 Professional (treat as Freeman from Civilized for possessions)
31-00 Kaddam Slave
        Treat as Slave from Civilized for possessions
“The people of Fonrit have blue, black, or white skin, as well as any possible mixture thereof. Most of the ruling class is dark-skinned Agimori, while the most miserable slaves are predominantly blue-skinned Veldang. The majority of the population is of mixed blue and black origin, called the Torabs.” . GtG


All main Fonritan languages (Afadjanni, Banamban, Kareeshtan and Mondoranare related but are not mutually intelligible.
All speak of course
Tradetalk INT+CHA+40


All varieties of magic are practiced in Fonrit
Fonritans receive +30 bonus to Folk Magic

Standard Skills

Conceal, Deceit,Customs,Influence, Insight, Locale, Willpower.

Professional skills

Commerce, Craft (any), Courtesy, Language (any), Lore (Slavery), Musicianship, Streetwise. Lore(Politics)


All civilized generally but following are available per social class. Bolded careers are more common within social class.


Agent, Alchemist, Courtesan, Courtier,  Entertainer, Merchant, Official, Priest, Scholar, Sorcerer, Thief, Warrior


Beast handler, Courtesan, Crafter, Entertainer, Farmer, Fisher, Herder, Miner, Thief


Agent, Alchemist, Beast handler, Courtesan, Crafter, Entertainer, Farmer, Hunter, Merchant, Miner, Official, Physician, Priest, Sailor, Scholar, Sorcerer, Thief

Slave Soldier


Combat Styles

Kadam Slave Scuffle

Combat Style Traits – Impromptu Weapons, Street Mob
Weapons – Club, Knife, Thrown Stone, Unarmed

Yad Strife

Combat Style Traits – Street Mob
Weapons – Whip, Knife, Club, Thrown Stone, Unarmed

Slave Soldier

Combat Style Traits – Batter Aside, Intimidating Scream(formation))
Weapons – Falchion,Barbed javelin, Heavy hide scutum shield, Heavy crossbow, Fonritan sword spear

Harem Protector

Combat Style Traits – Unarmed Prowess, Defensive Minded
Weapons – Falchion,Barbed javelin, Heavy hide scutum shield, Heavy crossbow, Fonritan sword spear, Unarmed

Calari Grip

Combat Style Traits – Mancatcher, Throw Weapons
Weapons – Falchion, Short Spear, Whip, Target Shield, Crossbow, Barbed Javelin, Unarmed

Afadjann Blade Dance

Combat Style Traits – Daredevil
Weapons – Falchion & Knife/Dagger, Long Spear, Whip, Target Shield, Barbed javelin

Kareeshtu Doublecross

Combat Style Traits – Do or Die
Weapons – Falchion & Knife/Dagger, Long Spear, Whip, Target Shield, Barbed javelin

Ompalam Overseer

Combat Style Traits – Mancatcher
Weapons – Dagger, Whip, Staff, Falchion, Light Crossbow, Unarmed

Shovel Tusker/Elephant Cavalry

Combat Style Traits – Mounted Combat
Weapons – Shortbow, Barbed javelin, Spear

Folk Magic

Appraise, Calm, Find Slave, Glamour, Heal, Incognito, Tire, Shock, Vigour, Voice


  • Hate Disobedience
  • Loyalty to Master
  • Attitude to Slavery: Renewed or Oldster
  • Masarins always have in addition the Passion Dressed to the Nines

Fonrit Character creation sheet is available as a pdf in a different format.


There are pregenerated characters for many of these in Pregenerated Characters for Fonrit if you need some for a quick run. Searching in the Encounter Generator for Fonrit you will find many NPC’s and other encounters for your game – take a look at both the parties and enemies tab.

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