Pregenerated Gladiators, Usurers, Priests and Sorcerors for Mythic Rome in Mythras

Here is an additional list of pregenerated characters for Mythic Rome. In the past couple of days there were already a list of pregenerated characters for Mythic Rome for Mythras and that was expanded even more with additional possibly more degenerate pregenerated ones yesterday.

Reasons why you might want to have these are many and explained in that other post.

Encounter Generator solves this neatly for Mythras and old RQ6. Here is the third quickie fix for the problem.  Characters are at novice level and made for Late Republic period. Most likely few will notice if you use them in other periods.  Generation follows majority of the steps included in the chargen – cultures, careers, appropriate weapons for several professions that seem to be universal in Roman times. These are now for Roman native citizens. Late Republic it is rarer for citizens to have military combat styles if you do not have military background.

Go to that previous post if you want to have or know more about pregenerated characters for Mythras.

Here are the new pregen characters for characters at the start of their career

..and randomly composed group of them with their earlier friends in

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