RQ Encounter Generator reaches 1900: RQ6 Monsters all covered, Pamaltela and City Gangs

RQ Encounter Generator passed the 1900 templates mark this weekend. This also marks the point of having all encounters from RQ6 rules book covered.
Rq6 book encounters added
Pamaltela carnivore encounters added
City encounters added
Added also feature list for Pavis Street Gang names, Bakru Curses and Curse Durations.
Here is another undead – this time a Ghoul (Dark Troll)
Finally a possible campaign stopper – this time in Dragon Pass

Umathela – Orlanthi, Sedalpists, Vadeli in the Southern Continent of Pamaltela

RQ Encounter turns to South. Lord of the Storm is strong in the coast of Pamaltela (Fonrit, Fonrit update, Vadeli) even before the arrival of Harrek. The problems with Lunar seem remote when the real problems are forest elves, Afadjanni surges and Vadeli treachery and there is even talk of  new power of Kresh in the south. Sorcery is strong in this land. Thanks for Simon Bray for the very useful background discussions that will hopefully generate even more of Umathelan and Fonritan material in the future. Here are few encounters for Umathela in RQ Encounter Generator format.

Horses are rare in Pamaltela so Horse mounted mercenaries belong to wealthy employers or elite troops.  Some remote tribes have tamed large flightless birds (known as horse claws) as mounts.

Sedalpist Sorcery Order with Apprentice, Adept, Mage and Archmage has been created.

One of the cities has its own marine corps and it has been detailed here

Various inhabitants of Umathela have been created here.

The merchant caravan and Umathelan market has Common and Rare trade goods in Umathela according to the guide. Rare is rare if it is coming relatively far or is otherwise very precious…
Vadeli magic has been updated. A new sorcery order: Vadeli Sorcery order has been created.
Many of the encounters possible in Fonrit are also likely in Umathela even though they might be more hostile situations – so the relevant encounters have been updated with the tag “Umathela”
All of the sorcerers have been updated with Special Magic Component to Shape and Unknown Magic Component. The convention is that all the sorcery orders usually teach the default Magic Components by which sorcerers can shape their spells (Combine, Duration, Magnitude, Targets, Range). The order might sometimes not teach one of the default components (or might teach it only to higher ranks of sorcerers) and might teach one of the special magic components (Ablation, Focus, Fortune, Precision, Swiftness).
When creating a sorcerer you can choose one or more of these as a random feature or as non random feature. This will give even more variety to sorcerers. All of the sorcerers I have created have now this possibility of one of the default magic components missing and one special one added.

Adventuring in Sartar – Encounters for RQ6

Here is a collection of few ready made encounters in Sartar area for Runequest 6. More can be found by going to the RQ Encounter Tool and selecting Parties with filter Sartar or selecting enemies with filter Sartar. Most if not all of the encounters from Sartar Companion by Moon Design are available. There is also a set of encounters for Apple Lane

At a village

On the road


Walk down the memory lane – where it all began – Apple Lane – Encounters for Mythras

I still remember the first time I GM’d Runequest. It was sometime February 1981 and the scenario was Apple Lane. We had played D&D for a few years and I wanted to try something new.

It was love on first game – everything clicked – the combat – the milieu – the crunchy style, the tactics for the attackers, spells. I searched thru my garage and found my original Apple Lane set, still containing the markings of hit points going down, skill percentage changes and fallen marks.

Here are the stats for Rq6 for those who would like to try to help Gringle and Quackjohn. May your game with these create as good memories as mine did.

The young baboon troop contains

Xarban’s gang has

Added some villagers of the Apple Lane

A map for the village is nowadays available here . The Return to Apple Lane scenario there is for Heroquest and very different than the original and could be run as a follow-on to the original even.

Plants for Glorantha – RQ Encounter Tool study

Sometimes it is good to find enemies that you can actually run away from. Plants usually cannot run after you but they might have other ways to persuade you to stay with them- sometimes forever. The generation will be done with RQ Encounter tool with the direct links below.

Perhaps you want to invoke your inner Rodin Greenbeak – here are few of the plants that he was so fond of studying. This garden has been selected from the ones who have unfriendly instincts towards moving life forms. There are thousands perhaps millions kinds of plants which bear no ill will towards the two or four legged.

Here are plants that have been seen in Prax and Tunnelled Hills but may grow in other areas as well.

Prax Daily Event contains as additional features Plants – Wastes
  • Bronze Rust
  • Bull Reeds
  • Cherry Bombs
  • Dreamweed
  • Tori’s Bane
  • Deathspine Cacti
  • Gagarth’s Gifts (Scrub Burss)
  • Gutwrack
  • Sneezeweed – Blisterweed – Blindweed
Delecti’s swamp and many other swamps contain deadly plants. Blackthorn trees have so far been seen only at Delecti’s swamp.
Monster Island Daily Event contains occasionally the swamp plants also prevalent at Delecti’s marsh. Their effects are found as additional features in category Plants – Swamp
  • Darkdart bush
  • Wailing trees
Loral Island or Monster Island has many plants for example
Kulamyu pods and Mantithorn Cacti have close relations to some plants in Wastes.
Sources for the above have been the old issues of Tales of The Reaching Moon, Tradetalk, RQ Adventures and the wonderful supplement called Monster Island.  If you know other sources for plants that you would like to see in RQ Encounter tool – inform me.

Uz of Shadows Dance – Trollball and Other Troll Pursuits from Dagori Inkarth

It is time to return to Dagori Inkarth and visit the famed Skyfall Lake and see the Uz at their best – at a Trollball match. Based on “Into the Troll Realms” which contains the two famous Trollball teams here is a way to create your own Trollball teams with the rules tuned for RQ6. Full rules exist in the “Into the Troll Realms” but an abbreviated version will be found with the “Trollball Staff”
Should you anger your hosts they might set a pursuit pack on you or two.
Should you escape the hunters – you might encounter

Most of the trolls have now been updated with the “Hate the Sun”, “Vulnerable to Iron” and other abilities needed.

You will find more troll parties and enemies with filters Uz and Uz lands.

Back to the Roots – Returning to Snakepipe Hollow

Back in the very early days there was a wonderful scenario for Runequest called Snakepipe Hollow and then RQ Adventures did a return to the Snakepipe Hollow 20 years ago. For Runequest 6 one would surely need worthy opponents in Snakepipe Hollow.  For nostalgia’s (and education’s sake) added the missing enemies. Many of the ones were already existing and created just a tag for them. Here are few – updated for RQ6 – some of them are somewhat deadlier than in the original.

Both Hands of Chaos are it again.

There are a few obscure ones that have not been seen in publications since Snakepipe Follow like

Some existing parties have been updated and placed into Snakepipe Hollow. Use a filter with name “Nest of Chaos” in Party Encounters  and press the “Do you Feel Lucky” button – you’ll see a party appropriate for the Heart of Chaos in Snakepipe Hollow. It will include among other parties

  • Broo Raiders and Broos on the Road for Ragnaglar and Thed.
  • Dark Troll Hunting Party and a war party
  • Dragonewt Ambassador, Expedition, Revenge Mission and Dragonewts on Warpath
  • Ogre Trading Caravan and an Ogre Hunting Party
  • Some desperate Sartarites with Sartar Earthshakers
  • Scorpionmen Raiding parties
  • Unruly Giants
  • Thanatari Headhunting Mission from nearby Engoli tribe
  • Tusk Rider party and Urain Foul Wind Party

Opening the Doors of the Anaxial’s Ark – hundreds of beasts escape

Anaxial’s Ark has opened its doors and the multitudes of Gloranthan insects, land and sea animals and various chaos and darkness beings that escaped have taken the RQ Encounter tool beyond 1700 template mark to generate enemies from.  There should be now enough insects to feed the largest troll army and quite a variety of broos. Among the latest templates created are the following.

Uz lands

  • Dark Troll Sorceror
  • Kozoru, Shadow Vampire
  • Dehori – Grasping Hands plus tuning of most of the shades
  • Party: Flying Trollkin
  • Bison – Chaos Herd
  • Bull Broo, Thed Initiate
  • Bullsitch
  • Chaos Wasp
  • Chaos Wolf
  • Chaotic Giant Constrictor Snake
  • Chicken Broo
  • Cloud of Chaotic Gas
  • Crocodile Broo
  • Hellwood Dryad gardener
  • Horse Broo
  • Hungry Eater
  • Krarshtkid Broo
  • Scorpion Broo
  • Stake Snake

Land Animals

  • Alligator
  • Bonacon
  • Diplodocus
  • Fell Wolf
  • Giant Vrok Hawk
  • Giant Worm
  • Glyptodon
  • Golden lion, Male & Female
  • Great Wolf
  • Horned Wolf
  • Nasobeme
  • Rhea
  • Storm Tiger
  • Woolly Serpent
  • Changa (Giant Cricket)
  • Giant Beetle
  • Giant Bloodgnat
  • Giant Dragonfly
  • Giant Elkhorn Beetle
  • Giant Fly
  • Giant Leech
  • Giant Peripatus
  • Giant solpugid
  • Giant Whipscorpion
  • Giant Woodlouse
  • Ham Beetle
Sea & Rivers
  • Flocks of Piranha (small to enormous)
  • Giant Shark
  • Ichtyosaur
  • Kronosaur
  • Sea Horse
  • Sea Lion
  • Seal
  • Walrus
  • Whale
  • Dringi, Free Jolanti
  • Fachan
  • Gordayan
  • Hollri
  • Lycanthropy Spirit
  • Serpent Guardian
  • Spirit Wolf

It is easy to search for templates you need, just select either home, enemies or parties page and fill out the search criteria by typing a word or words and/or select an filter.

Obviously Unbalanced Chaos in Dorastor

Took a tour to Dorastor and created a few templates for missing creatures from the wonderfully unbalanced (in so many ways) from the original book on Dorastor. Some of the enemies can be used outside Dorastor as well though many are very specific to Dorastor. Some of these are quite deadly so take care.

Some other enemies as well are now described: